June 29, 2010

I see rainboooows.

I don't get it, WHY can't I post comments on my own/other people's blogs?! Stupid laptop. Wait no, I can't do it on my desktop either. Stupid whatever the problem is. T-T Thank you, person who said I was cute in one of my earlier posts. If you'll ever come across my blog again, you'll see this...maybe -_-"?!

Anyway, on with the fun stuff. I was fooling around with this Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette I got a couple months ago (I got it a month before the movie...and then it sold out later on! Wooo, so lucky), and um, yeah. I was fooling around. There's not much more to say than that...LOL. Oooh, in case anyone was wondering, I used pink, orangey-gold, blue, purple, green. The green looks a bit dark because I wore/mixed it with a smog-like colour earlier in the day. I don't know the "Alice" names of the colours, it's all on the box which I'm too lazy to grab lol. For some reason, I'm reminded of Alice Nine's song, RAINBOWS...(uhh, I wonder WHY???)

By the way, I must apologize on behalf of Pearlie. She is currently dealing with a possessed desktop that refuses to cooperate...hope it'll all be fixed soon, so she can post again~

In case any of you have been missing Pearlie, here's us messing around at my house last week (where we watched The Mysteries of Love - 談情說案 together! lol. She is finally reunited with her HERO (only a handful of you will get that joke) =D!! Something worth celebrating of course! Hers is the black one, mine is white. And Pearlie is the one with the Minnie hand, I'm the dead corpse on the bed~

By the way, this was all before I painted my room~! I will post before and after pictures I took the day of, and the mystery colour shall be revealed then. I think I've exhausted myself with lazing around at home, I must go out asap x____x! Hopefully I can find somewhere to go tomorrowwwww. I'll post more if I end up at home again XD. Ciaoooooo~~~


June 25, 2010

A special day.

Weee, ok time to make a real post rather than a crappy mobile one. Here's to our 2 months of starting this little blog of ours...

Here's to all those wonderful memories we shared together =)

Omigawd, look at us when we were kids...LOL

AHAHAHA. We look more like kids 2 years later.

We turned into bad girls together. We skipped class to take these (JUST KIDDING).

We slept together. No, she didn't take advantage of me. LOL

We tried very hard to look cool together.

We ate candy together.

We grew together---er, sort of. =D

We survived through harsh Canadian winters together.

I enjoy squeezing Pearlie to death.

We graduated together~

We made LOTS of funny faces together.

After all the love I give her, she returns the affection ONCE in a while. See how unwilling she is?!

ALRIGHT I confess. I tried to eat her.

...I tried to eat other parts of her too.

We grew a moustache together.

We got pretty together =)

I proposed...

She said yes! We're marrieeeeeed!We've known each other for 13 years now...let's hope the next 13 will be just as fun. Of course, we'll document all that on here =). Happy two months to our blog and I LOVE YOU, PEARLIEEEEEEE =D.
(Now, you better make a super duper cool post to follow up this one. The pressure is ooooooon...)


happy 2 month!!

happy two months, red bows! I HEART YOU PEARLIE but not in that way ;)
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June 19, 2010


This is going to be the BEEEEEST of the three posts....randomness!!! WEE~ These are pictures where I act like an idiot in front of the camera =)

The hmmmmmmmmm face.


My hair looked really cool like that.

"I LOVE lipstick. So much that I have to take a picture of myself applying it in the most seductive way possible and post it on my Facebook profile picture because I look SOOO hot when my face looks like a monkey's ass." I think only a few of you know who I'm making fun of here ;)

In reality, this is what girls look like when they apply lipstick. Not so seductive now are we, gentlemen? Fiiine, I guess I can't speak for every girl out there, but at least this is how I apply lipstick. I can't help it, lipstick makes me giggly. HEE HEEE.

Alright, I guess I'll end off here with a creepy looking picture of me. I'm super tired and I have to get to sleep soon for tomorrowww...it's going to be a super early day. But I finally get my SPC credit card activated! =D

Until next timeeeeeeee.


Stripping down down downnnn

I'M BACK~ Weeeeee. Soooo, this next one is even more fun than the last one...make up! I'm sure my friend Travis is loving these, lipstick and make up are two of his favs (WEEHEHEHEHEHE). But of course, I do it with a twist. There're so many posts out there about how to put on make up, so let's go backwards and reveal our scary make up-less faces!! YAY~

Lalala. This is so gross when used on its own, but adding some liquid to it really did help. Umm I forgot who's/what video I got that tip from, sorryyyy (I was sleepy when I watched it >
Maked upped.

Washing it off~ Ahaha, my eyes look big here, I'm surprised.

VOILA, eet eez fini. That's the naked-face me relaxing on my bed. Oh right, I forgot to mention I wear uber huge glasses. *Nerd*

Look, she has no make up too. WAHAHAHA XD

So, do I look very scary without make up? My mom seems to think so LOL. Err, anyway I guess I'm not really trying to bash people who use make up (clearly I use it too) , just that we should all be willing to reveal our natural faces once in a while instead of hide behind masks while "blogging"...I mean, it's a blog about your life so show all aspects of it, not just the pretty side!

June 18, 2010

Lip shticksssssh.

Ok I know I haven't posted in forever, I'M SORRY. But I've decided to make a comeback (LOL get it, Pearlie? COMEBACK??) with triple posts...triple the hilarity! WHEEEW HEEEW!

So this first post is dedicated to the new obsession with lipsticks. Notice how I said THE, not MY? I personally know nothing about it but I decided to have some fun with whatever I could find in my washroom closet...

Just so you know what my lips are like, this first one is nuuuuuude lips

Er, I can't really remember what this second one is, I think it's some sheer MAC lipstick that smells SO GOOD that I almost ate it.

I think the third one is some sort of pinkish orange sephora one?

...and there's Akiko trying to eat the next one.

This is the one the cat ate (nooo, she didn't eat it).

Pale sick-looking lips. I bought it for cosplay reasons, not because I like to look dead ^^"

Oh wow, my prom lipstick! It's been what, three years?! LOL don't worry, I washed it off VERY THOROUGHLY after taking these pictures...XD

Hmm, looking back at my pathetic collection I'd say only the last two was actually purchased and the rest were free...LOL. Guess you can tell I'm not a fan of lipstick~ In fact, I'm too lazy for lipbalm half the time -_-"

LALALA until next time~

June 16, 2010

Yummy in my tummy

Thank you Alex for taking pictures of the delicious food at my sister's baby shower. Will post more pictures when I'm through with being lazy =D WEE~

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June 11, 2010


YAY, finally done summer school which means more free time = a change of layout for the blog! So, I just quickly made a plain banner today and kinda altered the whole layout a bit cause the old stuff is just so UGLY!!! LOL. However, the new banner reminds me of Hello Kitty (does anyone agree with me?) but I didn't do it on purpose I swear. =P

Anyways, now that my summer course is over I have plans to find a job that is related to teaching, but its so hard!! I don't even know where to start looking for one because the sites that I've went to look at are all weird, or I'm just too dumb to navigate through them and search for what I need. T-T So I guess until I find one, I shall just RELAX!!! xD

Hmmm...I've can't think of what else to write about, so just to make this post not as boring, here's a bunch of random food photos from my phone (and ignore the bad quality part of them)!!! LMAO

TaeYang from Big Bang on 2%!!! :)

Yummy banana milk from the brand that Lee Min Ho (the male lead from Personal Taste) filmed a commerical for...loll :D

Green tea ice cream pancake!

Strawberry fantasy ice cream from Cold Stone @ Tim Hortons.

Starbuck's mocha frappuccino that I didn't like too much. -_-"

AND last but not least...

Strawberry ice cream waffle that was SUPER delicious! :D

Okay, time for tv...so I'll write more next time!

--- pearlie

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