October 20, 2010

Happy SAN Day!

Woohoooo....it's San's birthday today, which means she's finally as old as me! Ahaha but what difference does this make if you ask? Hmmmm....there's really not much a difference because we don't really act like our age to begin with..LOL ;D

Anyways, I know San had a midterm test today so I hope she did well on it but after that she's done school for the week...what a lucky bum ><" cause I still have school for the rest of the week T-T.

(Please ignore how bad my writing looks on this and my attempt to draw "a red bow" LOL :P)
Well, I've got nothing much to say here now but "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR ♥!"


October 18, 2010

Slow days

Back to school. Tomorrow. ARGHHH. Okay back to studying.

Meow meow

October 12, 2010

Snap of the Day #12

It's reading week this week for me and San xD...but that doesn't mean we have all the free time we want because we are both going crazy with completing school work and studying for midterms T-T.

Anyways, I haven't done one of these photo post in a while so here I am...hahaha! Hmm....so the weather has been really annoying the last few days, its rather warm in the morning/afternoon but freezing cold by nighttime ><"....however, this doesn't stop me from eating my "favourite" soft serve ice cream in a waffle cone ;)

Doesn't it look yummy? :)
AHAHAHA...close up! :D

October 9, 2010

"Contact Us" update

So here's another post that you can just skim and forget about because it's not important but I just felt the need to tell you and blah blah blah.

In the contact us section, I removed the link to my formspring because I forgot the password AND login, so it really is quite useless now XD OOPSIES. And, I let everyone know that my dailybooth is pretty dead lately because no one I know seems to use that thing anyway, so no point putting important updates in my life up there...soooo if you want to see random pictures I post whenever I remember to log in there, by all means go visit me on dailybooth. HOWEVER, if you seriously want to talk to me or am interested in ME ME ME AND ME, then the.red.bow and my facebook will have the most recent updates. Lalala okay that's all, time to shut up~


October 7, 2010

How do you make them freakishly large eyes?

So, I tried to make my eyes look like those ever so popular "dolly eyes"...

Doesn't this just scream, "HI I'M BARBIE HEHE" to you?

Ok they actually look bigger in this one.
I feel like my eyes are shrinking lately. I don't know why...been wearing glasses too much maybe? Apparently that makes you squinty...ughh I don't know -_-" I feel so drained lately...=( School sucks. Wait, you know that already...nevermind T-T


October 5, 2010

Hair Update #1

So as promised, here's an update on the Prettia Hi Bleach results...

First off, this post is somewhat picture heavy, so I'm shrinking the picture size a bit...you just need to see my hair colour anyway, no need to look at my face too closely XD. Moving on to my hair...I really don't know what my hair colour is anymore o.O! It looks like it's red most of the times, like so:
A week and a half after dye - indoor natural light
However, under certain lighting, it seems to look veeery brown/gold...which is VERY ODD:
A week and a half after dye - indoor artificial lighting
A week and a half after dye - indoor artificial lighting

So honestly, it's hard to keep track of my hair colour. I'm guessing this is the true colour though...here's how it looked like earlier today:
Two and a half weeks after dye - indoor natural lighting
Two and a half weeks after dye - indoor natural lighting
Two and a half weeks after dye - indoor natural lighting
From what I see, Hi bleach certainly made the colour look less burgundy red and more brown than when I used Chiffon Beige, but the redness from my original L'Oreal dye job is still somewhat evident. I think (major emphasis on THINK) if you do not have red tones in your hair and you use Hi Bleach on black/brown hair, you're results will most likely look like my second set of pictures, under the indoor artificial lighting. Oh and I forgot to mention that these results are from me leaving it in my hair for a full hour, maybe even 5-10 minutes over the hour too. Just read the box to choose the brightness level you want and leave it in for that amount of time. That's another interesting thing about this dye, the longer you leave it on does NOT result in more damage to your hair, which is pretty awesome =D I don't know what else to say about Prettia/Liese, but please feel free to ask me anything in the comments or shoutbox.

Next colour (possibly next year): ash grey...like FFXIII's Oerba Yun Fang!! Woohooooo~


October 2, 2010

Bring JYJ to CANADA!! xD

Ahahaa...yes I'm back and it's seriously been quite a while since I've last posted so hopefully I'll be finishing part 2 of the "Hills, Mountains and...Caves?" entry sometime soon...but in today's post I'll be talking about something else...hehehe :)

Sooo...three members (Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun = JYJ) from my all time favourite Korean boy band TVXQ (remember them being my obsession? xD) will be releasing a global album titled "The Beginning". In this album they're working with top US producers in order to bring to their huge fan base worldwide a truly amazing global debut album that will consist of many genres including pop, R&B and dance, and more importantly the album will be in English (LOL...how crazy is that?!?). Moreover, to promote the release of their global album, JYJ will be having a new album showcase tour in 10 cities throughout Asia and the US.

However, here's the problem: Canada is once again not on the list of cities that are to be included in the showcase tour but there's many K-pop fans here as well. Therefore, Canadian fans are determined to prove to the organizers of the tour that there's quite a bit of fans in this country and would seriously like JYJ to come and meet their Canadian fans for once! So how can you help? If you're a Cassie or is interested in this at all (I hope I got you slightly interested -__-", but even if you're not scroll down for some eyecandy...LOL), PLEASE join this Facebook group to read more about it: JYJ - The Beginning in Canada.

AHHH...They look sooo hot!!! ;D
(PICTURE & SOURCE CREDIT: JYJ's Official Website )


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