June 30, 2011

So Long, Suckers! =)

Lol I am so mean...hahaha XD. WOOHOO my first presentation is done! So scared, since it was the first one I've done in the last 4 years...o.O! But according to my prof, I killed it =). Aside from that, I'm also super excited because....I AM GOING TO COTTAGE LAAAAAAAAAAAND!! Will explain to you at the end why this is SO super exciting and why I'm being all high about it.

FIRST, I wanted to show you a very interesting (and creative) way I discovered to pack face stuff:

This is ALL that I packed:
-Bio Oil (scars thing)
-eye cream
-acne gel thing
-acne cleanser
-deep cleansing facewash
-facial scrub
-Aloe jelly gel
-Aloe face cream
-Aloe face cream II (just a heavier 'night-ish' variation)

...YEAH RIGHT. How did all that end up looking like the above?! Well I put small amounts in the tiny jars....and in those contact lens cases! I will not take an ounce credit for this idea, I admit it was inspired through a blog that I seem to have forgotten the name of right now. It makes PERFECT sense though, I mean why lug around the whole jar/tube of product when you're really only going to use a small fraction of it on your trip? I can't argue if you're going on a super long trip, but for 3 days I think this is a very convenient way to bring everything along without breaking your back =). What's even better is that I use loooots of contact lensess and I keep getting more of those free cases, which are all piling up in my washroom. Great way to put them to use ;)

There you go, just my two cents in 'light packing' for mini trips! And another thing..I caved in and bought an epilator today ><. Hahaha...about to test it now. Kinda scared it'll hurt really bad...lol.

OKAY! Let's finish off with answering the riddle as to why I'm so giddy about the trip...BECAUSE PEARLIE IS COMING!! WOOHOO!!!!! So excited. Oh my gawwd. Okay we'll tell you about it when we come back ;)


June 25, 2011

Crazy for Nail Polish!

Wow, only gone through week one of summer classes and I am pooped. It SUCKS! I have 2 night courses, and they are the FIRST I've ever taken that concentrate more on class discussion and participation. I hate that T-T. I hate presentations! My first one is next Wednesday!!! And lucky me, I was picked to go second...but NO ONE was picked to go first. Lame -_-". Anyway, I figure I might as well get all these nail polish pictures up before I get too busy. Technically I should be researching/putting together my presentation already ><. Feeling super lazy, even though I can't afford to be!

Here are the polishes I bought earlier on:

June 16, 2011

Estee Lauder and MAC Warehouse Sale (Part 1): Skincare Haul

Two weekends ago (I know I'm late in posting this ><"), I went to the Estee Lauder and MAC sale with my sister because we got the invitations :). We went on the second day of the sale so we initially thought that many of the products may already be sold out. But when we got inside after a 40 minute line-up there were still a wideeeee variety of products available...so we were looking through everything fastttt. And although this sale was called the Estee Lauder and MAC warehouse sale there were also products from Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Lab Series, Origins, and a wide variety of perfume brands such as DKNY and Michael Kors (all of which are brand names that belong under Estee Lauder).

In this post I'll be talking about the skincare products that I got which is like the majority of the stuff I bought because I didn't really need to get more makeup since I don't use them often enough and I already have a lot for some odd reason (I don't even know why ><"). Okay...enough blabbering let's get onto my purchases:

Item #1: Clinique Box Set for Skin Types 1 and 2 (Dry to Dry Combination)
I love this pouch b/c the green flowers are soo cutee. (Btw, you get a sneak peek of the makeup I got on the side LOL)
This box set contains 5 pieces including: 1) the green pouch/bag, 2) a 200ml liquid facial soap mild, 3) a 200ml clarifying lotion 2 (toner), 4) 125ml dramatically different moisturizing lotion (face cream) and 5) a 15ml all about eyes (eye cream). And you can see them in the picture below "read more"...

June 12, 2011

Snap of the Day #21

Our blog is looking so dead lately *AHEM...nudges Pearlie* but I have nothing to talk about...aside from having watched Thor. We watched it in the morning, a month and a bit after its release...and it was WONDERFUL. There were only 6 people (including me and D) in the theatre! No loud mouthed dumbasses, no feet kicking my chair, no late people obstructing my view, no whispering. LOVELY!! That's how I expect to watch a movie. =D

Anyway, hopefully Pearlie is still alive and will reappear sometime soon...and hopefully I shall see Alx soon and get my OPIs~! Meanwhile, I'll post my pregnant lady dress (no I am NOT, lol duh) from hair dye day at my friend's house. I'm surprised but looking at these pictures now, it doesn't look so pregnant-like. Odd.

Pregnant-looking dress//jacket with lots of holes//cloth bag that weighs a ton//Roxy sandals that cost $5 (Because I was such an awesome employee. WAHAHA...just kidding, I really wasn't.)

Okay that's all. Let's hope the upcoming week will be more interesting ^^


June 7, 2011

Bee Bee Queue See Son...Summer Time!

Can you string all those unrelated words above together to figure out what I'm talking about? It's foodie time! Woohoo! I had BBQ after leaving AN2011 and I said I'd talk about that  last time...but there's not much to talk about since I was too busy eating rather than taking pictures of the food XD.

Basically we started out making this:

June 4, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Prettia Sweet Pink and hair update.

Doesn't my title just make you cringe? Lol XD. Anyway, I have so many pictures to throw onto the blog, yet they are scattered with 1-2 pictures of food, hair, nail stuff, face, etc. It would kind of suck to have a separate post for each, since they'd be super short and boring. So I'm *trying* to combine them somehow -_-". As I mentioned before, I dyed my friend's hair with Prettia Sweet Pink, and I realize I haven't said a word about my own hair since I used Prettia Ash & had Pearlie cut it for me, so I'll be giving a small update on my current hair as well.

On to Prettia Sweet Pink first.
Notice how the pink bottle cap/pump looks different? I guess it's their way of saving plastic?! Lol

June 2, 2011

Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Cross-body Bags...I love Bags!

From this title it should seem like I'm about to show you my own collection of bags or something but I actually don't have an amazing pile of bags to show, so instead of that I've found a bunch of outfit photos with really pretty bags that I would loveeeee to own HAHA. xD

The Cambridge Satchel Bag in neon green!!! (Click here for the source)


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