August 25, 2011

Our Blog Is Under Construction!

Yup, just like the title of this post says..."our blog is under construction" if you didn't notice already hahaha. So come back soon for a new layout and more blog post updates...or you can go through some of our older posts too :D (Oh and please just ignore any of the weird bits and pieces that you may see on the blog right now ><")

---San & pearlie.

August 18, 2011

Chubby me.

ARGH. I am such a lazy ass, I'm stuffing my face all day and not exercising >

Clearly, Pearlie and I have been neglecting this blog -_-". We didn't do much since my last post except this past Tuesday where we FINALLY met up with our girlfriends to celebrate 2 July birthdays (lol, are we late or what?!), one of which is Pearlie's. WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE GOT? Er, she'll tell you/show you herself XD. We pretty much did nothing but play card games and take lots of group photos at my house and went out for Viet dinner. Soooo...I honestly have no pictures to show from that day except for this:

IRON MAN! So cute, right?
I have no good pictures with Pearlie, and if I post any of the crazy shots of Pearlie here I know she'll kill me XD. Maybe we'll take some good ones this Saturday when we go hang out at her house.

August 10, 2011

Now ziz iz aaaahht.

So. I've made my first double post of the year. Hahaha XD. How ridiculous am I, when I started off my previous post with "I'm so unmotivated to blog"?? Ah, whatever. Just felt the need to separate this from the previous post. If I saved this to publish for another day, I'd grow bored of it and probably lose that excited/happy feeling I get when I publish a new post... I was blog surfing yesterday and realized:

1) I just can't comment on ANY blogspot blog that uses the embedded commenting system (only popup works for me...dunno why T-T!) What does this mean? It means, I'm sorry if you've commented or followed us, but find that I'm not commenting on your blog! I feel so bad about that...yet I can't do anything but follow you back T-T. I googled this problem and can't find a solution for it...but at least I know some other mozilla users suffer from the same problem? LOL...stupid blogger. Or browser. Or whatever.

2) Illustration blogs are love. Seriously!
I stumbled upon these when searching google images...
Credit goes to this person! So amazing!! This person did an amazing job if you compare it to the original photos below...

So if you like this person's work, do support him/her by following here. I have no idea if the artist is male or female...I'm guessing male, simply because I see some posts of Spiderman/Monster Hunter and various things that seems more 'typical guy stuff'...but hey if I'm a semi-Marvel freak and I'm a girl....who knows? XD

OH YEAH OH YEAH speaking of Marvel, I got my first two Marvel comic books from Indigo and I LOVE them! Seriously, the storyline of Western comics are so much more unique/interesting compared to manga (MOST manga anyway). I'm really sick of reading about some overpowered dude saving the world (and downplaying women like craaaazy), or some love story about boy meets girl (with various twists that aren't that interesting anymore). I mean yeaaah, I do enjoy seeing some really cool fight scenes (I find gigantic robots very sexy lately...what's wrong with me?! lol). But I honestly feel like the characters of these Marvel comics (even some minor characters) have so much more depth to them. Of course, the down side to this is that there's no one out there scanning and posting Marvel comics for us to view for free online every week...and I'm not made of money, so I won't be buying every issue out there (though I wish I could T-T!!).

But anyway, I think I've talked enough for one night. Might not blog for a while...Miami relatives are here. Damnit, I can't watch my late night tv for a week. FACK.

Anyhoo, until next time.


I'm so unmotivated to blog. Mainly because there's nothing to blog about x_x. I completely forgot to take pictures of the DIY haircutting process with Pearlie (sigh), and I also forgot to snap a picture of my friend's new hair colour/cut before she dashed off to work from my place (double sigh). Instead I have a slew of blonde hair pictures. LOL...wth -_-". Remember those wigs I bought a LONG time ago? Yeah well I finally actually "did something" with one of them...XD

I cut the bangs! And very horribly too -_-"
This is one of the few (RIDICULOUSLY BLURRY) pictures that show how loooooong the wig was.

Er, if you don't want to see some seriously "vain" pictures, you should stop reading right here...LOL.

August 3, 2011

Messing around sure is fun.

Finally met up with Pearlie yesterday! I swear we've been so out of touch with each other lately. Actually, I'm assuming we've both been very out of touch with everything and everyone lately...including this blog LOL. Ahhhh, I feel so lazy now. I have relatives visiting very soon from Miami! Hopefully it will be fun...I'm always nervous when I meet new people (yep, never seen them before -_-).

Okay so anyway, let's get on with it...

Yesterday Pearlie and I went to school so she can hand in her assignment and to catch some bugs on campus. WOW IT WAS SO HOT!! I'm amazed we didn't get a sunburn! Maybe because we hid in the shade from time to time XD. But anyway, we found some pretty cool stuff...namely a very fuzzy caterpillar and a freaky looking brown bug in a tree. I'm sure Pearlie will amaze you with pictures after she's done pinning and labeling her collection =).

SO. Of course, being bored and lame, we went to my house and did Here are some pictures of us doing nothing....HAHAHA

Konad nail stamps!

August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

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