September 15, 2011

Shoes and books and books and shoes.

It's funny how I complained about how grossly hot this September is, and yet today (and yesterday) I nearly froze to death in a light sweater and jacket. The weather guy this morning said it should be around 22 degrees at this time of year...well it was 15. And felt like...12?! -_-" Weird...

OH MY, the funniest thing happened today. This lady rang the door bell with a pile of flyers (for elections) and I'm guessing she had this huge speech prepared because when she looked up and saw me she froze for a sec and said, "oh, you aren't old enough to vote yet...right?" And I said "that's right, m'am." Of course, I'm just LOLing inside wondering how I could possibly look like I'm younger than 18. It was truly amusing and not as flattering as you'd think because she then continued to talk to me in a very "aww what a cute little kid" tone. At least it saved me from hearing her explain why I should vote for whoever. She just asked "you know who your mom and dad are voting for, dear?" Which I replied with "this guy on your flyer!!! *gives her a big smile*" and then she went away happy. We all had a good laugh at the dinner table tonight about me being 17 again. Next time I want to look like a kid again, I'll be sure to pull back my bangs, wear cateye glasses and silly cartoon pyjamas.
This is me at the door. Do you see high school kid? I just see lazy and oily adult. LOL
Anyway, this blog post does have a point...let me get to it XD. I present you with September's book for the library challenge!
Uncanny X-Men: Sisterhood
I can't help but feel like I cheated, because it's another comic book. And only one this time, thinner than the first two! Lol...oh well. It was a good read XD. I ordered a cool book for Pearlie off Amazon...if it turns out as awesome as she claims, then I might get another one for myself because the artwork looks really good. Bleh,  I really don't know what book to buy for next month T-T! I just know it cannot be a comic book, no matter how tempting it is...

Another thing I bought which I shouldn't have are these shoes.
WHY? Why did you have to have a sale, Aldo? And with free shipping? And have my size for these two very much reduced clearance shoes? *Sigh* it's impossible to escape Aldo...T-T

Can you spot the cat hair? LOL
I'm already thinking I'll use fabric paint to darken the second pair from white to dark brown or even grey sometime in the future. I already foresee the white getting dirty lol.

WHICH PAIR DO YOU LIKE MORE?! Tell me, I'd really like to know. ;)

Okay, we have come to the end of my very interesting post. School starts horribly early tomorrow =(. Hopefully I can get some shopping done afterwards, because I have some...COUPONS!!!! Lol my friend from school said I'm such a thrifter hahahahaha. SO TRUE, SO TRUE.

Good night, all.

September 12, 2011

Hot September.

I am sweating while typing this -_-". WHY is it so freaking hot? Geez. Well, tomorrow is my second day of class (lol, feeling like a part time student right now hahaha), and I'm not looking forward to the rain + heat! School's been okay so far (hard to tell with just 1 day of class so far LOL). I survived the 6 hours of non-stop classes last Friday. THANK GOD there were friends who were there to keep me company! Not so lucky for tomorrow's class though, it's outside of my major =(.

Oh yes, before I forget...happy mooncake day (aka autumn festival)! I feel so stuffed from the mooncakes and fruits...good thing I can sleep in since class doesn't start until 4:30 tomorrow XD.

MMMmmm another thing, I'd like to apologize to those who gave us blog awards ><"! We're sloowly making our way through the questions. Plus, joint posts usually take us forever to finish lol. BUT, thanks for giving us those awards, we're not snobby girls who are ignoring you...just lazy bums who fuss too much over what to write for stuff like that XD.

Alright, that's all for the boring update. Will try to blog again in a few days.

Me clutching on to Pearlie during her birthday celebration. WHEN is that girl going to show off all the awesome gifts she got?! Sheesh!!!
So long.

September 7, 2011

My Take on The Fall Trend of "Polka Dots"!

Yup, polka dots are back for this fall and winter...even though they were never out of style to begin with! From the 2011 F/W runways, polka dots were seen on a variety of different items ranging from dresses to blouses and even on shoes and accessories. The best thing about this trend is that it is extremely versatile because polka dots comes in many different sizes, colours and styles such that it is nearly impossible for one to ever run out of ideas about how to mix and match them.

Here's how a few users on Lookbook included polka dots in their outfits:
I want a bow like hers :D (Click here for the original source)
Big and small polka dots together! (Click here for the original source)
I really like her outfit! (Click here for original source)
I want a leather jacket too T-T (Click here for original source)

With this trend in my mind, I went to take a look in my closet and I am quite surprised that I don't really have anything in polka dots (or not that I can remember for now at least :P) this is what I decided to do instead :)

POLKA DOTS NAILS!!! This is my left hand with two coats of red and white polka dots (made with the rounded end of these pins I have.)
And here's my right hand! LOL...the red is Essie's Like Me and the white is from Sally Hansen (I can't find the name, sorry ><")

And what's my inspiration for this nail design you may ask?
It must be Minnie Mouse of course! (Credit:
So how do you like the trend of polka dots and what are some other upcoming trends that you like for this fall and winter?


September 4, 2011

Random Buys and Freebies (super pic heavy)

Wow okay, new blogger layout is quite overwhelming o.O! Still trying to get used to it. Sure takes a longer time to make a post now though since I have to find where the buttons are lol. Anyway, have gathered photos of all the stuff I've bought and small gifts I've received. I'd call them freebies but gifts sounds better ;).

Stuff I've bought...
"Free" glasses again! I swear shipping price increased -_-". Oh well, I love them, they look so cool =D!

September 1, 2011

Library Challenge - July and August '11

Hello! Miss us yet? XD

Being under construction has made us super lazy to blog, even though there's technically only one thing we can't fix on the new layout. Hopefully we'll figure something out soon. Also, you'll notice we switched to Disqus! Woohoo, a better commenting system! Had about enough with crappy blogger one...everyone PLEASE change the embedded commenting system to something else, it sucks ass -_-". Anyway, I wanted to get July and August's book buys out of the way first before they start piling up.

Here's what I got:

X-Men: Psylocke comic // Chris Yost and Harvey Tolibao
X-Force: Sex & Violence // Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, Gabriele Dell'Otto
I know, they're comics...but they still count as books, right? Anyway, both are excellent reads. LOVED THEM. The story in the Psylocke comic was a tad bit depressing, but I liked it. When I got to the climax I went "OMG NO WAY, WHAT?!" lol XD. The Wolverine/Domino comic on the other hand was lighter but equally entertaining. What an awesome pair! Made me fall in love with Domino!! She is hilarious =D. 

The Robe of Skulls // Vivian French
Did not know this was a children's novel until I got home and started reading it. LOL. I got it for $5, and the little blurb at the back sounded dramatic and interesting. Plus it was in the fiction section for misleading! Tsk tsk* shame on you, Indigo staff.  Anyway, I read a little bit of it and it's cute. My kids will definitely like this (haha, thinking far, aren't I?).

I've decided to include D's books too, since we made a deal to both buy minimum 1 book a month to contribute to "our" library. He doesn't have to do it but we'll see if he can keep up =)

Water for Elephants // Sara Gruen
Change of Heart // Jodi Picoult
 He actually got these separately, so technically they would count for July and August. He also bought these because it was mandatory for a class, but according to him both were very good books. I'm going to borrow them this weekend and hopefully squeeze in time this month to read them! So excited...=D!

Monster Hunter Illustrations // Capcom
 I AM SO JEALOUS. When he told me he was going to buy this, I just went "meh, that's nice" but when I actually read through it...I wanted it! I'm not gonna lie, not really a Monster Hunter fan. Takes up a bit too much of D's time which pisses me off from time to time. But those illustrations. The details. AHHHH, it's ridiculous! Look for yourself...

There is so much more to it than this, but I could only snap a few before going home so of course I take some of my favourite ones! Plus, I had to use flash since it was very dim in the room =(. Sorry! But wow, if you are a fan of this game then you will LOVE this book! Plus, it's super cheap on Amazon~

Well, that's all for July and August book buys. I've been good and took pictures of all the mini gifts and random purchases I've made throughout the past few weeks. I've gathered up so much stuff it will truly shock you. Lol XD.

Anyway, until then!
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