December 11, 2012

Well, goodbye?

We've been quite naughty, haven't we? Pearlie and San have been so terribly behind in their blogging that they've given up completely. Can you believe that I (San) almost typed out my real name just now rather than my long forgotten blog name, and I also had to think for a whole 10 seconds before I recalled our blogspot password?! Lol, anyway...moving on =)

So without a doubt this blog truly is dead now, and I must say it is pretty sad to see it go down this route. Guess we're not meant to be bloggers, eh? But this blog is staying right where it is, because I see that people still stumble upon it every now and then and actually find some of those hair dye reviews useful.

FEAR NOT, we aren't completely dead. Pearlie and I have simply migrated to something lazier to share our boring lives with the world...Instagram! Honestly, I haven't touched my laptop more than 5 times in the past 3 months (a tablet is so effing amazing, damnit) so I have NO IDEA how I'm suppose to put a fancy shmancy link here to our instagram accounts. I'll just be an ass, and put our usernames here so anyone who's interested can go pull up the app and search us =D.

Here it is, folks...
San's: dysl_
Pearlie's: pearlie_l

Okay, it's been fun and thanks again to everyone who followed us! Take care =) Copyright © 2011 -- Template created by O Pregador -- Powered by Blogger