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Pearlie ☆☆☆

Pearlie's thoughts on herself...
- the ‘opposite’ of San (ahaha, we really are quite different xD)
- has the horrible habit of ‘thinking too much all the time’ thus getting stressed out AT LEAST once a day (even during holidays, scary isn’t it?)
- loves Korean stuff (music, food, and wants to learn the language and maybe even live there for a while?!)
- not tall enough (especially when she stands next to San ><”)
- kills myself over school matters T-T and what I like to say all the time “I’m gonna fail….”
- really wants to see TVXQ in person at least once before I die (LOL!) preferably at their concert or something
- doesn’t like her own personality too much (shy/anti-social, pessimistic but laughs all the time = I’m crazy o_O)
- truly believes that she’ll go insane if she ever loses in contact with her six closest friends from forever ago 
- (last but not least) deeply treasures her best friend San (heart)
San's thoughts on Pearlie...
- thinks Pearlie worries too much about the future to enjoy the present
- really wishes to never hear Pearlie say "I'm gonna screw up" right before doing something ever again
- does not understand how Pearlie can possibly be too lazy to click one button and go from appearing offline to appearing online. ONE BUTTON.
- is jealous of how pale Pearlie is
- thinks Pearlie's interest in TVXQ is turning into an obsession...Pearlie + fangirl mode = REALLY SCARY.
- admires Pearlie's pretty writing, and gets annoyed when she says it looks ugly because IT DOES NOT.
- thinks Pearlie is skinny even though she thinks she has blubber (where huh? show me, I dare you)
- has always been jealous of Pearlie's long silky hair (yeah that's the real reason why I convinced you to cut it HEHEHE)
- gets tired of her laziness at times (like how long it takes her to finish her MISSIONS)
- likes how Pearlie really gets things done when she's focuse
- hopes Pearlie will one day stop making lame excuses for "certain things" (WHERE is our Pucca diary, huh?)
- is sad that Pearlie only finished her entire meal ONCE out of all the times of going out to eat together (sad...haiiii)
- thinks Pearlie has beautiful eyes and never told her so until now (Ew, that seems like I have a crush on you -_-")

San's thoughts on herself...
- has a horrible habit of biting her lips, which replaced her old habit of biting naills
- realizes her shy expression makes her look like an angry antisocial person in front of strangers (I'm sorry?)
- has super thick black hair which she hates
- has a very abnormal looking nose
- is very out of proportion, with super skinny arms and not so skinny everything else
- doesn't know what to do with her life sometimes
- has horrible obsession with new cell phones and shoes
- loves loves loves cats
- always has to be right even when she's wrong
- really wants to move out and get married soon
- still wants to move in with Pearlie somewhere outside Canada
- secretly wants more tattoos and ear piercings but knows better because she is OLD.
- gets hungry every 2 hours, no matter how much she ate before
- hates the sound of her own voice
- likes to hug Pearlie for no reason to annoy her
Pearlie's thoughts on San...
- really jealous of how tall and skinny she is (I think she's the model-type, can you imagine that?)
- she likes shopping a little bit too much (but I'm there to stop her sometimes :P)
- she has an enormous collection of shoes (which we've counted together)
- she's impatient when it comes to certain things such as waiting in line for stuff (so unless it's something she really really wants, she might have started complaining already LOL)
- she enjoys writing stories and poems (which I'm totally NOT good at and do not like)
- she always has a long list of stuff that she wants me to do but I take forever and I'm still not done with them
- she may be a bit too reliant sometimes depending on what
- hmmm...maybe we're not totally opposites after all cause we're similar in many ways :D

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