September 30, 2010

Snap of the Day #11

Wow, it's been a while, everyone o_O. It felt like forever since I last posted. I think I've just gotten worn out from know, the early mornings and what not ><.Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know I FINALLY got my Scott Pilgrim books~ And they're from, get it ;) hahaha. Of course, it only took like, a month and a half because I chose the free shipping option -_-" GEEEEEZ. I changed it to express eventually because they tried to delay it until mid October. The nerve of them -_-" Oh well, even with the extra shipping fees, it's still way cheaper than in was about $56 after everything? That's less than ten bucks per book...pretty sweet =). I'm off to read my books now~


September 26, 2010

Red Head Alert - Prettia Hi Bleach

Hellooo...I am back yet again to talk about my hair. Lol XD. Sooo like I said a couple posts back, I bought two boxes of the Prettia dye again. And I guess there's not much to say about it that I haven't said before. It's great on Asian hair, and the formula is MUCH less damaging than your drug store brands. It's great =) Anyway, I'm too lazy to give you much detail about this one...basically it's bleach in a foam. Oh yeah, I cut my own hair too...don't know if you can tell lol. One bottle was actually too much for me after I thinned out/layered my hair, so Crystal if you're reading this, you'll probably have enough to dye your whole head of hair with one box XD.

Chiffon Beige - Weeks after I dyed it (looks very RED doesn't it?)

Chiffon Beige - 2 weeks ago (right before I cut and dyed it again...notice how the red toned down a lot more?)

Hi Bleach - 1 day after (made the colour look revived/more vibrant?)
I would take a picture of what it looks like now to show you how it looks, but my hair is a mess =( I'll keep updates on the colour changes though. I actually prefer the regular dye over the bleach because it made my hair look very light to a point where you see gold undertones along the roots, and I dunno...that's not what I was going for =/ I think I'll try the ash colours next time =D By the way, I got a new laptop~! I love's way faster and much lighter o.O Maybe I now I can make some more random posts while I'm at school lol. Anyhoo, back to my readings...ciao~


September 19, 2010

Snap of the Day #10

Wow we're on #10! Awesome. Know what else is awesome? It's Sunday evening and I'm still not finished my school work. T-T Well, I'm pretty close to finishing. PRETTY close. Anyway, Pearlie has been gone for a while now and I'm sure you all miss her very much. So, heeeeeeeeeere's Pearlie! *Ta daaaaa*

Her signature skinny legs, white arms and dead-looking posture. This was taken right before school started so you can understand why she's so depressed lol. What's different about this picture is we see her wearing her new shoes which she probably will never wear when she goes out with me, and a new bag she got as a gift, which she will also never carry in front of me. I kind of like this shot, she looks like those cute dolls with a big head and small body XD. I MISS YOU PEARLIE, SEE YOU TOMORROW AT 5:20 MAYBE.


September 15, 2010

Snap of the Day #9

Hurray for short posts! Clearly I'm still in lazy mode, but I am sooo glad I'm done classes for this week! I've only got 3 days of school per week, kekekeke. Anyway, I went to pick up my brother's new cell phone today, and while looking for phone cases at Pacific Mall, I picked up these:

I just couldn't bring myself to try anything other than Prettia. I read reviews on Palty which I considered before, but people say one bottle is barely enough for medium length hair...and my hair is SUPER thick. Plus, this product really improved the condition of my hair. Soooo, I decided to stick with this. I bought two this time because I want to stick to a light ashy colour for a while, and this will save me a trip back to the mall (which is what, 10 minutes from my house?! LOL). If you recall, I tried chiffon beige last time, and it turned out quite nice. I've got my fingers crossed for this one...I'll try it after I cut my hair ^^ OH YEAH, apparently it's super cheap when you buy two bottles at once. I paid $21 for one last time, but these two cost me $34 total. Plus I looked super Asian today, so they didn't charge me tax. Awesomeee~

Will post again soon! Ciao.

September 13, 2010

Last Floral of Summer

Hello all...I'm feeling so unmotivated to post because it's school time again =( Arghh, I'm so tired from the first day -_-" and I already found out from an email on Friday that I have a stupid exam on my birthday T^T!! DAMNIT. Anyway, I already have A LOT of stupid readings and assignments to do (gotta love those profs for piling them up on us...) so I'll just upload a few pictures me trying on the dress mister D bought~

Sleeves down. Excuse my horrid face, I woke up a zombie that day and decided make up would do nothing for me.
Sleeves up! Lol, don't you just love the dirty mirror ^^?
Lalala...close up. Ah yes, I should start listing what I'm wearing...lessee,
H&M floral dress/strawberry black knee socks from Pacific Mall/Aldo boots

I COULD post a proper picture of the boots, but I realized my fat thigh was squeezing out of my knee socks in that shot, so I decided not to...HEHE. It'll probably come up again next time.

Anyway, let's end this post with a picture of the dead looking me on the first day of class:
This is my "get-me-out-of-class-before-it-even-starts" outfit. Very appropriate, since I look like a bum. I certainly captured that homeless look exquisitely, don't you think? *sarcasm overload*
If you love those droopy toques/hats or whatever they're called, this grey one IS FOR YOU. Omg, I admit $30 cdn plus tax for something like that is a bit much, considering H&M has knitted ones for like $7, but seriously...this one fits soooo much better. And since everyone started wearing the H&M ones, I like this one even more haha XD. I forgot the brand...Osaka something. Osaka Pop? Errrr....I'll find out somehow. I got it in a store in Downtown Toronto. Lalalaaaaa...yeah, I'll shutup about that now =D

Well, that's all for today. What a disappointment, I know. But seriously, today killed hand is shaking still from copying notes -_-". I'll try to write more interesting entries and post more fun pictures soon, I PROMISE.


September 12, 2010

Hills, Mountains and...Caves? - Part 1

Okay I've finally decided to not put off the posting of this one entry anymore. And this entry is gonna be about the two days one night trip that I had in August (yes..its been a while LOL) with my family to Carriage Hill Resort. what can I say about this little trip, uhh..this "short" trip was full of the hills, mountains and caves that I've used in the title. Actually I think in order to better explain where I went and what I've seen over the two days I'll explain with lots of pictures (this is my excuse for being bad at writing ><").

Our first view of the resort on the outside! :)

 Now for a view of our amazing room! xD
Here's the living room/dining room/kitchen and it was also where me and my sis slept LOL. There's a huge sofa bed but it wasn't opened yet (so you don't see it here).
The bedroom with the huge bed!
A JACUZZI (this was our entertainment for the night although there was free wifi access too LOL)!! :D :D :D
Our private balcony!
The PRETTY view from our balcony. (This is where there were hills..heheh)
After arriving at the resort and putting our stuff down, we walked around the resort, checked out their recreation center and it was already almost time for dinner LOL. And because dinner lasted for a crazy long time, before we realize it it was already all dark out thus we had to stay inside our room (but we still had fun! :D). The next day we left early to go to Blue Mountain just for lunch (what a crazy idea!), but I've never been to Blue Mountain before sooo I was really happy that I've got the chance to go because "the village" there is really pretty and I love the historical "look" to the buildings (LOL).

The Village at Blue Mountain!

They had Starbucks there! :D
Candy store...I really like the lollipops that are sticking out, they're so cute!
The weather was so nice that day.
CHESS!..ahaha I don't remember how to play however :(
Here comes the mountain! AHAHA~

After walking around, we went to eat lunch at Firehall Pizza Co.
Which is this building right here...LOL
Flying pizza dough! :)

 Our juice and iced tea!
Nachos as the appetizer. :D
We ordered so much that day LOL!
I loved the chicken fettuccine alfredo, IT WAS SO YUMMY! xD
(PICTURE CREDIT: Most of these pictures were from my sister's camera LOL)

*Due to this post being way too long already (and it will take FOREVER to load all the pictures), so I'm gonna have to split it into two so here's the first part...xD*


September 10, 2010

Guess who's baaaaaaack?

Lalala, I'm back =D! Sooo, I don't think Pearlie or myself mentioned that we were suppose to go visit Crystal in St. Catherines after she settled down in her new apartment...AND, Pearlie also didn't mention that she was unable to go...*WAHHHH*, but at least I had Alex to keep me company. I also noticed that....PEARLIE DIDN'T MAKE 2 POSTS! She made oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Yes yes, I already hear her saying "there's nothing to posttttt.....I had no timeeeeee" well, FINE...I'll forgive you this time Pearlie >.> Anyway, let's talk about our little trip to St. Cat...

So, we took the bus + subway + coach bus to get to Crystal's...crazy, eh? But we had a lot of're a few pictures of us at her place (I didn't take pictures at the barbeque, will probably post some pictures when I get them from the other girls)

Part of Crystal's birthday present....cute little polaroid clips =D The other part is behind it...the magnetic frame also for clipping her pictures, and the flowery box for keeping her junk in XD
The other part of her present! We maaaade it <3 You can't see too clearly, but we all hold a letter, and together it spells out CRYSTAL
Her sexy shoes from Nine West...Yes I do like them, but I can never be brave enough to walk in those like you can, Crystal ><
YUMMY! "Mei Sum" mooncakes in Mango flavour...they are SO GOOOOOOD.
I only posted the pictures that were appropriate for the blog...all other pictures will be on facebook~

By the way, I realized I'm this week's Fashion Hime Friday #27 =) Hurray! It was pretty cool seeing my face there...ahahaha. Go read my interview! Go go go!

Also, be sure to visit Sara Mari's blog for lots of cool stuff on Japan...I love her hairrrrrr =O


September 8, 2010

Snap of the Day #8

My sister bought these keychains at the Disney store today and I thought they are just too cuteeee so I had to post up a picture of them. AHAHA....xP

I think it would've been even cuter if it was Daisy with Donald Duck rather than Goofy. LOL
Ohhhhh and I also wanted to reveal the answer to what the "egg with a rose that can sit still on a table" thing is. LOL...So that egg is something that my sister got from one of those toy capsule machine (I googled for this name ><") and it claims that after the egg is cracked, it works like a flower pot where you can plant the seeds that you get along in the capsule. My sister wanted the one with sunflower seeds but in the end she got the one for "lucky grass" (but it had a picture of a four-leaf clover -__-"). Anyways, she still haven't cracked the egg so I don't have anymore pictures to post of it yet. (Btw I'll reveal what the "colourful things" are in my next post :D)


September 2, 2010

You've got mail~

Yes, I certainly do. I got a little package earlier this evening delivered to me and I was all giddy because I thought my Scott Pilgrim comics were here. Buuut, when I read the box it said it was from USA so of course I was a bit confused. I opened it and found something better! My lovely friend Bernice had sent me some awesome gifts from LA, and here they are~

Here's what she got me...
-A Coach mini skinny (just what I need to relieve my overstuffed wallet!! Finally, one item crossed off my wishlist XD )
-A cute mini black leather purse from "Junior Drake" (after googling it, I found out it is a unique handbag brand ^^ Their philosphy is "It's not the bag, it's the girl!" Love it!!)
-The card and the YSL package is for my sister =) It's a duo lip colour palette! (Feels heavyyy...I wanna see how it looks when she opens it haha)

Ah, I feel so bad, I have nothing for her >< I must get her something as a thank you for all this, but what do you get a girl who has lived in HK and LA, two places with access to nearly everything?! I don't think a large jar of maple syrup will cut it XD

Well that's all there is to share today...receiving the gifts really brightened up my day =) Bye for now~

By the way, happy one month and one day to sweet Mikayla ♥

September 1, 2010

Happy one month, Mikayla!!

Okay I am completely drained. I just got back internet not too long ago, and I finally fixed what needed to be fixed on this blog. Now I'm too tired to do anything else x____x. Anyway, you'll be happy to know the More About Us section is complete (omg so damn frustrating fixing the stupid html problems from copying the stuff from have NO IDEA), and I also made a contact tab. WHEW. Oh yes, today was baby Mikayla's one month! She's been in this world for one whole month now....woohoooo! It's going to be a bumpy road ahead of her, but I know she'll do just fine. SUPPORT MIKAYLA, EVERYONE!!!
Sleeping. Cuuuuuuute...
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