May 31, 2010


Just testing this mobile app with a random (and much needed) post. Mikayla is on her way! I was telling Pearlie the other day how I'm going to make my own pair of sandals just like this flower one so I can match her. I'm so excited =) things are slow lately, too much school work! I hate summer school. I think I failed my test today, and the questions were take home too! FML. Anyway I need my nap so I'll post more interesting stuff next time.

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May 24, 2010

HALFWAY through summer school....!

Yesss, finally a post from me (meaning Pearlie) after a loooooooong time! Hmm...and I guess this would be a quick post about how summer school was ever since it started (because I said I would blog about it in my last post, which was a while ago already ><") and whatever else comes to mind when I'm writing this! :) Soooo, summer school started for 20 something days already i think, which means it's also almost done soon (kinda?!) and I've got one word to describe it: TERRIBLE! Now just why is it terrible? Well, since me and San both have classes from Monday to Friday and classes started way too early in the morning (9AM to be exact) thus we need to wake up rather earlier in the morning to get ready for the hour bus ride to school and still manage to get to class on time and get seats. Also another annoying thing is the extremely BORING readings that need to be read everyday before tutorial because the readings are to be discussed by the students in tutorial. ANDDD lastly (LOL my rant goes on for too long, I know!) half of the marks in tutorial is based on one's participation in class discussions, which I know is a common thing, but how the participation mark is calculated for the tutorials is different according to each TA and for one thing I know my TA seems a bit picky about students actually participating unlike San's TA who seems to be a lot nicer from what she tells me. Oh boy I cant wait till summer school is over after one more essay and two more tests! ;) Anyways enough about school, this past weekend is a long weekend because of Victoria day, thus me and San met up with our friends on Saturday for all you can eat sushi. Hmm...the sushi place was okay but seriously I don't think I want to go for all you can eat again in a short while because it is just too too much LOL. And too bad we didn't take any pictures of the many plates of sushi/Japanese dishes in front of us, or else I would have posted up a photo to show how much we had on the table even though we only ordered once (sounds crazy doesn't it?!) However, we did take photos of each other and here is one of ME AND SAN!! xD
Oh yeah...after re-reading San's previous posts, I would also like to mention one of my current obsessions which is over a Korean drama called "Personal Taste" (anyone watching it??). The main couple in the show (the leading male and female I mean) is just tooooo adorableee! And the entire show is really cute and sweet and there's many funny moments too (refer to the posters of the show below). I'm recommending everyone to go watch it too if you haven't already!

(PICTURE CREDIT: iMBC, Personal Taste's website )

That's all for today, I need to get back to my readings! T-T (And if you got all the way down to this part of the post, well congrats for putting up with my extremely boring post of randomness -_-")

--- pearlie

May 16, 2010

A million me's and you's.

I must apologize for the lack of creativity in my title, I'm so brain dead right now. I SHOULD be studying right now, but I spent all day yesterday typing notes and I developed a pink eye from staring at my laptop all day. Ugh. I hate essay/short answer based exams. Anyway, I noticed Pearlie STILLLL hasn't posted anything (lazy bum) even though she said she'll think of something to post LAST I decided to just throw some random pictures and words together and make an update.

I was bored the other day and I took pictures in the pretty floral tights, which unfortunately, I still haven't worn (gawwwd I hate's sucking the life out of me!!!!). And guess what, the boots I'm wearing in the pictures are unworn as well...I bought them months ago T-T. And the worst part is, I've been buying other shoes after that (and currently eyeing some sandals too), and I've only worn 1 out of the 2-3 new pairs I've bought in the past month and a half. I'm horrible, I know.

That furry lump on my shoulder is my cat Akiko, who refused to let go of me -_-"

And here's me, and a million other me's. I wish I had double mirrors in my room, but there's no space for them =(

A close up with Akiko =)

That's all for today. Pretty boring post, eh? Well, I blame Pearlieeeeeeee...she was suppose to show off her "collection" (er, I better not say anything else about it lol). Oh maaaan, back to studying now...

By the way is it me's or mes? Damnit, that's bothering me. The apostrophe seems out of place, but it looks stupid without it. Well, I guess it doesn't matter since the majority of bloggers out there use titles that make no sense whatsoever. Maybe I too should start using song titles that have nothing to do with the content of my posts.



May 8, 2010


SERIOUSLY. You have to watch Iron Man 2. Even if you don't like Iron Man...JUST WATCH IT ANYWAY! I loved it...I'm STILL all hyper about it and the movie finished an hour and a half ago. Okay, I MIGHT be a bit biased, with my obsession over Iron Man, but I'm pretty sure 100% of the people in the theatre were just as satisfied as I was. I don't know how accurate this is to the comic, but come on. When do movies EVER stay true to the original comic or novel completely? As long as it kicked ass, then it's a good movie =D!!!

ANYWAY, enough about the movie. Allow me to point your attention to my outfit, which is basically my WAR MACHINE T-SHIRT!!!!!! (Yeah, you're never gonna hear the end of Iron Man. At least not in this post. Oh and by the way, I wore bottoms. Obviously. Just that they weren't half as important as the shirt so bleh.)

Here's a picture of Iron Man Mark III kicking my ass. I know this armour is old and was in the first movie instead of the second, but I just had to take a picture with him and War Machine together.

I can safely say San and Daisuke were the two nerdiest people in the theatre tonight, since one wore the War Machine shirt while the other wore the invincible Iron Man one (Aren't we the cutest couple EVER?! =D). Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, the Iron Man figure in the pictures was a birthday gift from Daisuke last year. I can't wait for these guys to make the Mark IV, V and VI figures. It's going to look soooooooooo good. Omg and War Machine too. Geez, I need to calm down...time for some tea. Homemade chai latte perhaps.

But while I'm still in nerd mode, I'd like to mention how I've recently (more like starting from yesterday) began liking Full Metal Alchemist. A LOT. Whoa, I don't even know why. Wait, I DO know why. *Pokes Daisuke in the ribs* Great, I just get nerdier each day, thanks to you. But honestly, I hope there'll be some amazing FMA cosplayers at Anime North 2010. Which reminds me, I've got to work on my costume x___x

Okaaaaay, seriously. Latte, RIGHT NOW. Ciao.

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