December 31, 2010

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

Hmm..this was originally going to be a "snap of the day" post but since it's the last day of this year, I'll make the post title a little more festive? Hahaha...I dunno what I'm saying ><"

Anyways....yesterday me and San went shopping after like forever because school's been keeping both of us really busy so that we haven't seen each other for like almost two months (I believe?); therefore, yesterday we finally met up and we went to shop at Promenade! And surprisingly we both bought stuff and our purchases weren't small least mine wasn't LOL xD. However, I'll let San post about what we bought because I didn't take any pictures of them but she did. Instead, I'll post up a recent photo of the two of us because we haven't taken one in a long time -__-"

Well, that's about all I have to say for now have a Happy New Year everyone and may all your wishes come true next year if they haven't already this year (...and hopefully I'll post more next year! :P)


December 30, 2010

No. 1 Obsession.

You'd think a girl's number one obsession would be shoes. Or even bags, clothes, etc. Or if you're a nerdy one, it would be manga, video games, figurines, blah blah. But mine is pretty strange. POUCHES. And I know, some of you are like, "uhhh, I use lots of pouches too...for bags that don't have enough compartments right?" Err, not quite. Let me break it down for you:

Here is my school bag. I chose this as an example because it's one of the few that fit everything but doesn't kill my shoulder. Look, it's smiling at you!

December 29, 2010

So....what have I been up to recently?

As the title of this post suggests, this entry will be a rather random entry about a bunch of things that I'm pretty excited about recently and especially since my holiday started which was just four days ago, but it will be ending soon T-T..

First of all, I have more to post about my favourite people, guess who? LOL.....TVXQ (Yunho and Changmin) will be releasing a new Korean album as stated in my previous post and their album cover was revealed in the last couple of days:

Their new album is titled "Keep Your Head Down". :D (Picture Credit: SM Entertainment)

December 28, 2010

A heart for you.

I don't know where Pearlie disappeared to =(. SHE HASN'T POSTED AT ALL! Tsk tsk. She did help me with the "read more" thing on blogger, so I can't complain too much XD. Let's hope she'll post SOMETHING soon....before our holiday is over. And let's hope her post will be super duper long to make up for her lack of posts lol. I keep forgetting to post this, but I bought a winter coat! It's nothing special...other than the fact that it's a men's coat =D I decided I needed something warm, but minus the girly styles like the short puffy coats or the long TNA coats that accentuate the waist. I know they're warm, but I just hate how all women's coats are either one of those two styles...and obviously anything else isn't warm enough for super cold days. SOOOO I got a men's parka =) It's a bit big, but it still fits my body structure relatively well. The puffiness of it just adds to the 'rugged guy' look that I was going for. Who doesn't want to look intimidating in the winter?

Okay clearly there's nothing intimidating about this picture. But there it is!
Hurraaaay for men's coats =)! And hurry again that I fit them lol.


December 26, 2010


Here is the story of how I ended up with 5 random headbands.

After finishing my last exam (which I studied for in a day), I rushed to catch a bus to meet Mister D. I fixed my face to hide my exhaustion from studying all week, but I did not have a chance to fix my hair. It looked like crap. Ew. So, I decided to grab a bunch of headbands at the mall to cover it up. Here are some of them.

USAMIMI HEADBAND! It's really long, so the ears part is very exaggerated. Err, don't know when I'll wear this yet

December 24, 2010

Birthday Presents!

I started writing another post, but I decided this one needs to go up's loooooooooooooooong overdue. Here are all the gifts I got for my birthday, minus money/gift cards:

Let's start off with what my girlfriends got me =)
Konad French Nail kit! Stamps for your nails <3 I haven't tried it out properly yet, only on a few fingers for fun. My nails keep breaking when I try to do it seriously. UGHHH.

December 23, 2010

A much needed break!

...not a break from, but a break from school! Nice to know I can rest now. I finished my last exam yesterday morning, but last night I was still dreaming about stuff I've been studying over the past two weeks...LOL. Well, I've been taking quite a few pictures of some interesting things (to me at least), so I'll definitely be posting up stuff in the next two weeks...ARGH I DON'T WANT SCHOOL TO START SO EARLY....EFFFFFFFF WHYYYYYYY T-T

*Ahem* anyway. My brain is still so much in school mode that I felt the need to write a point form list of what type of posts I will be writing during the holidays...gawd, I feel like such a loser:
  • I've FINALLY taken pictures of my birthday gifts ( was 2 months ago XD) and I don't plan on posting pictures from my birthday get together with my girlfriends anymore...I'm too lazy to go gather pictures from facebook ><. 
  • Anddd, I went shopping after my exam yesterday for headbands! I bought was on sale so might as well XD one of them was an usamimi headband (bunny headband) which I've wanted for soooo long! Definitely posting pictures of my secret santa won't buy me duplicates =P. 
  • Ummmmm, I also have an idea for an "extreme obsession" post, so hopefully that'll be a fun read for you guys. 
  • Oh yes, and there'll be another hair dye post XD. But not something to review about because I'm just dying my hair black to fit the season (my hair feels so summery right now, kinda weird o.O). 
  • Depending on what I get for Christmas, I might write something on that....or at least one on the food I'll be cooking (with my brother!) for the 25th. Not that I can't do it myself....because I toooootally planned/prepared the Thanksgiving dinner on my own XD NOT BRAGGING OR ANYTHING....JUST SAYING....XDDDDD. 
 Hopefully something interesting happens besides what I have planned so far (which is next to nothing) so I have more to blog about. Hahaha. And one LAAAAST thing...Pearlie's last exam is TOMORROW! Wish her luck! And pray that she won't die from the stress! Because if she dies, then I'll need to find another date for Monday. Lol, just kidding Pearlie <3

Took a selca for the first time on my cellphone today. It's nothing special (and quite ugly IMO lol) but I felt like sharing it because it reminds me of a vampire. My phone camera drained my blood. LOL
Okay time to hunt for some fresh blood. Ciao~

December 19, 2010

Spider-Man Comiquette

Hello, it's San ^^

Wow, I just finished my first exam today. Yes, first. Everyone else is out celebrating and enjoying themselves while I wait for my next exam T_T. Suckssssss. Anyway, I'll keep this short...Spider-Man is here! Preview of the comiquette is on aDDiction already, but I'll put the picture here anyway:

He looks SO GOOD. More pictures will be up shortly on the other site. And now that he's here...look forward to seeing pictures of Spider-Man, Carnage and Venom comiquettes together!

Okay, back to studying~

December 14, 2010

TVXQ (Yunho & Changmin) are coming back sooooon! fangirl mode in action again?!?! xD

The remaining two members of TVXQ: Yunho & Changmin (this description sounds depressing, but since the other three members left for "now" so that's how I shall describe these two T-T) are having a come back real sooooon. According to SM Entertainment, their new album will contain a variety of genres allowing fans to see how much these two members have matured vocally. And for the past few days they've been teasing fans with concept photos like these:
(Credit: Tohoshinki's Official Site)

December 11, 2010

Christmas is coming~

Hurray it's almost Christmas! It's funny how excited I sound right now, because I usually don't care much for it. LOL XD. I don't care about the gifts, the food, and I hate the weather. I don't go to parties and the tree is a pain to put up...NO ONE HELPS ME T-T. But I think I'm all giddy right now because I've finally switched carriers and I don't have to freak out about the phone bill anymore~

I must say, this new carrier is pretty close to awesome. I didn't get the phone I was originally gonna get (if you must know, it was the LG dlite aka LG Lollipop (first one). It's cute and all but when I read that I can only store up to 2 phone numbers per contact I knew I couldn't live with that. I got so used to my organized contact list with 3-5 numbers per person, their email addresses, and I even make notes about each person to remind me of when they're reachable or whatever. That would be all gone x____x. So I picked another phone. At first I was a bit guilty because I picked one that was one of the more expensive ones out of the list of phones they offered....but then when I went into the store the guy said "heeeeey I'll put you on the tab...stay with us longer and your phone gets cheaper over time." AWESOMES. I paid $150 less for the phone, and I just need to stay with them for TEN MONTHS...$25 a month too! I get unlimited calling/texting btw. Wooooo. Anyhoo, I won't reveal what phone I have here, it's nothing to brag about (seriously, it's not lol). And did I mention they are letting me use 3G without having to pay data fees? I couldn't sleep last night because I saw 3G on the top, and I thought, SHIT they are charging me for data aren't they....omgomgomg. I went on live chat help at 8am this morning and they told me I'm not. LOL. At my old carrier, they charge you for the 3G data usage. ALL THE TIME. I had to enable the "use 2G networks only" option and switch to 3G only when I need to go on the internet. Geeeeez.

Oooookay I've wasted enough space...but I swear that marks the end of my cell phone miseries/stories/rants whateverelseyouwanancallit.
Now, on to my Christmas post!!!

December 8, 2010

Time to get SERIOUS!

Oh wow, I have been so blind. If you bothered to read our "About Us" page, you'll notice that one of the things I said about myself is that I LOVE to keep up with new cell phones. OH GAWD THE CONSEQUENCES ARE KILLING ME NOW. Well, it's just that I didn't notice it until now. I saw an ad for a cheap phone with a cheap phone plan recently and it got me thinking. So I sat down and did some calculations...

Here's what I'm currently using/paying for:
-a smart phone at "some cell phone carrier" that happens to be one of the more well known ones.
-------approx. $70 per month for data plan + add ons (caller ID, etc)

If I "downgrade":
-a crappy phone at a newer and "lesser" phone carrier.
-------phone = $140, plan = $25 per month

LET'S one year, I spend about $950 (HOLY that's almost a thousand bucks....AHHHH) at this "well known carrier" and this is minus the price of my phone, which I don't even want to mention o___o. If I bought the crappier phone AND used their plan for a year I save a crap load, and I can talk and text LIKE A MAD WOMAN. And never overuse anything. JEEEEZ that is so awesomezzzzz.zzz.z.

What the efff, I feel sorry for this guy. (Taken from

Snap of the Day #15

Hmm...I have a crappy lab exam tomorrow for my animal physiology course so I should really be studying right now, but there's this one picture that I really want to show San (since I haven't seen her in like forever T-T). And after some thought, I decided that posting it here would be the best place to put it as it relates to the stuff she likes and have also previously made blog posts about...hahaha xD

So this picture is a snapshot of this toy I saw the other day when I was at Walmart (LOL!)...and once I saw it, it made me think of San and her interest for this character in the movie :)

Haha..this version of Iron Man looks cute and I prefer this compared to how it originally looks LOL (but I'm pretty sure San would disagree with me on this :P)
Btw, this picture is badly taken once again because I took it in a hurry since I don't want to look like a weird person taking a photo of a toy IN the store -__-"...anyways that's it for now, back to studying for me T-T.


December 5, 2010

Hurray For CRAAAAAZY Hair!

How do you guys feel about big, poofy hair? I'm asking because when I saw this picture, it got me thinking...

Dara is pretty, but that is some crazy hair XD. Taken from
...that's SORT OF what my hair looks like 1) when it was really really long 2) right after blow drying.

Here's the messiest of messy hair pictures I could find that's recent.
Eeeek! Is that ME?!?! lol
Is this look BECOMING?! I certainly hope so. I won't have to tame my wild hair anymore and call it "stylish." LOL...

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