December 5, 2010

Hurray For CRAAAAAZY Hair!

How do you guys feel about big, poofy hair? I'm asking because when I saw this picture, it got me thinking...

Dara is pretty, but that is some crazy hair XD. Taken from
...that's SORT OF what my hair looks like 1) when it was really really long 2) right after blow drying.

Here's the messiest of messy hair pictures I could find that's recent.
Eeeek! Is that ME?!?! lol
Is this look BECOMING?! I certainly hope so. I won't have to tame my wild hair anymore and call it "stylish." LOL...



Alx said...

thats exactly like myyy hairrr and i HATE ITTTT...good thing its getting better nowadays =] shinier and straighter yupppi!!! and yes the girl is kinda pretty there =P said...

Ahahaha but at least yours looks cool with natural CURLS XD

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