December 24, 2010

Birthday Presents!

I started writing another post, but I decided this one needs to go up's loooooooooooooooong overdue. Here are all the gifts I got for my birthday, minus money/gift cards:

Let's start off with what my girlfriends got me =)
Konad French Nail kit! Stamps for your nails <3 I haven't tried it out properly yet, only on a few fingers for fun. My nails keep breaking when I try to do it seriously. UGHHH.

Pioneer "headband" headphones! It's nice and chunky...I like it big =)

The headband part =) very comfortable. Performance-wise, it's PERFECT. I wouldn't buy a more expensive one than this, I'd be wasting $ on something that does pretty much the same thing o.O

Here are the souvenirs from overseas...
Fresh pearl necklace and earrings! Pretty~ I like the how big the earring looks XD.

Ah I love this pendant/necklace. It feels so antic-like and just...beautiful. And look, fishy bracelet! Lol

Here's a better look at the fishy bracelet. I combined it with the other two bracelets to form a chunky necklace =). As much as I adore bracelets, I don't wear them much =/ I hate how my skinny wrists look so I mostly wear long sleeves to cover it, and any bracelets I wear would be covered most of the time.
Well, there you have it. It's not much...I never really get much for birthday. In fact, this is more than what I usually get, which is two gifts. HAHAHAHA. I have no friends T-T.

We'll see what I get tomorrow. Merry Christmas, everyone!


mode. said...

sounds like fun! good luck. just found your cute blog.

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