To Do List

A list of what San and Pearlie must do together at some point in their miserable lives 
(so they can have fun and feel less miserable)

Suddenly felt like making one of these...some are new items, some are stuff we've already accomplished this summer, and some are stuff we discussed before ^^

♥ Make a full dinner meal together this summer (I'd call it a romantic dinner, but ehhh no)

♥Go watch a movie this year in the theatre

♥Catch up on all Harry Potter movies and watch the new one (our ritual! Even though we don't like HP we should still continue this tradition!!)

♥Swap clothes!! We can even swap shoes since we have the same size hahaha.

♥Go to a concert

♥ Go on a trip (woohoo, HK!!)

♥Visit Korea (hopefully Pearlie won't ditch me and go

♥Go on a double date...SOME DAY (ahahahahah...when will that be -_-????)

♥Bake a cake!

♥Write letters to each other

♥Finish our Pucca diary so we can start a new one already, damnit! (Pearlie's fault we can't complete this yet)

♥Eat dinner out and actually finish all the food (does not count if San has to eat Pearlie's share too)

♥See each other everyday for a week (Ah, only in HK. Or did it happen here? I forget)

♥Go shopping at Vaughan Mills together before we get too busy with school

♥Make a youtube video and be in it TOGETHER (ahaha, this one is so oldddd...doubt it'll happen though)

♥Get a haircut together again (aww we used to do this every year)

♥Go to a mall together where we actually don't have to buy/search for a birthday present (this happened like ONCE this summer...haiiiiii, will we ever escape this? LOL)

♥Live together, even if it's just for a little while

♥Create a scrapbook documenting our friendship ('s going to be super packed)

♥Text each other like crazy (haha, just felt like putting this one here...)

♥Get together and bleach some old jeans...destroyed denim! Yay =D

♥Walk to Pacific Mall together for fun (we should do this again...woohoo)

♥Pass notes to each other for every class we have SILLY SCHOOL GIRLS =D (we try, we really do.)

♥Never grow apart from each other~~ (really can't tell if we complete this or not until we are dead/ are super old grandmas heheh) Copyright © 2011 -- Template created by O Pregador -- Powered by Blogger