April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, the.red.bow!

Hello hello!

So, it turns out we are a couple days late for our blog's one year birthday =( Oh well, we still got to celebrate it together with going some shopping, going to school to pick up Pearlie's lab assignments, and going for Korean. Oh, and we played with cute cats at the pet shop after. Haha XD.

We'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with our boring blog! It's been so much fun blogging (more so for San than Pearlie haha) and we shall continue to bore you to death with details of our everyday lives =)

We celebrated with bubble tea drinks =D.
Here's to another year of fun. *Raises bubble tea drink*

---San & Pearlie

April 27, 2011

War Machine

Wow, I'm finally home after 3 days o.O...weeeeeeird. Anyway, as promised I took some pictures of War Machine at last. Only 2 shots were okay, because the lighting was poo and it messed everything up. Hahahaha XD Oh well...

Here we have the Iron Man 2 movie inspired statue of War Machine, which matches the Iron Man statue which I don't remember whether I posted pictures for or not o.O. Anyway, he is HUGE. And absolutely gorgeous of course =D!

Hahaha this makes him look so badass. Yes, he is glowing.
CHARGE!!!! Yes how lovely...isn't Wolvie tiny XD?

April 22, 2011

Make up geek?

Ah, it feels great to be done. I still feel quite sluggish, but I promise to get back to blogging properly soon (STILLLLLLL haven't taken photos of War Machine statue...ugh @.@). In the meantime, enjoy some not so interesting stuff I bought a month ago (but just received like two weeks ago lol) from makeupgeek.com ...because Canada sucks and does not carry NYX stuff in stores -_-" and it's overpriced on the Canadian site!

Sheesh. I saw on the news that the exact same electronic equipment costs 20% more in Canada compared to U.S. WHY???? But  I also hate the stupid shipping/handling fees from U.S. online stores x__x. Anyway, before I digress too much, let's move on to the stash (or lack thereof).

Whoaaa, two items! LOL

April 12, 2011

Almost doneeeeee!

I've haven't made a blog post for more than a month now and I'm sure San is not impressed with that LOL, but my final assignments and exams from school is just too overwhelming for me to do anything else other than "sleep, eat, work, study" x 1000000 ><".... However, I'm almost doneeeee now! The only thing left before this term is officially over is a 15-page take home exam T-T

Anyways, what I wanted to blog about in this post was my haircut that San wanted me to talk about back when I first got it in March (ahaha...yes it's been exactly a month since then ><")

So when I went to get my haircut, I described it as something like this:
I described the length of this girl's hair, not the full fringe in the front...(Credit: www.rasysa.com)

Click "read more" to see my actual haircut! (LOL~)

April 6, 2011

Cat files: Akiko.

Break from studying.


April 1, 2011

Armed and Dangerous: Naked Cyclops Tiger. (Picture heavy!)

Whoa what a messed up name. Either San found a dangerous illegal pet from Pacific Mall (the new Chinatown lol) or she's trying to put a lot of stuff in one post.

Sorry to say, it's not an exotic pet post.

Ahh where to start? So much to talk about @.@ Let's show off the rings first.
Left to Right: H&M ring, Regal Rose 2 finger Cross, gifted Hibari cloud ring (TY Travis!), gifted Silver X's ring, gifted Swirly hearts ring, Beyond Rings Filigree silver ring, and lastly...


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