April 12, 2011

Almost doneeeeee!

I've haven't made a blog post for more than a month now and I'm sure San is not impressed with that LOL, but my final assignments and exams from school is just too overwhelming for me to do anything else other than "sleep, eat, work, study" x 1000000 ><".... However, I'm almost doneeeee now! The only thing left before this term is officially over is a 15-page take home exam T-T

Anyways, what I wanted to blog about in this post was my haircut that San wanted me to talk about back when I first got it in March (ahaha...yes it's been exactly a month since then ><")

So when I went to get my haircut, I described it as something like this:
I described the length of this girl's hair, not the full fringe in the front...(Credit: www.rasysa.com)

Click "read more" to see my actual haircut! (LOL~)

But the haircut I got in the end looked like this instead:
I love her hair colour! (Credit: I don't remember where I found this photo, but it's not mine.)
Tell me you see a difference in the length of the above two hairstyles?!?! I was pretty pissed off at first when the lady cut my hair shorter than how I wanted it...but now I'm fine with it...LMAO :P

The haircut on me looks like this...
Haha...can you even tell how long my hair looks here? -__-"
And then lately I'm loving these braided hairstyles...
I love the bow :D (Credit: Found on Tumblr randomly...)
CUTE!!! (Credit: http://lolitacharm.tumblr.com)
I like her messy braids and her outfit! (Credit: http://babywallflower.tumblr.com)
This looks soooo pretty, I want to try it! (Credit: http://couturexlove.tumblr.com)
When will my hair grow long again? LOL (Credit: http://crystallised-.tumblr.com)
How do you like these hairstyles? Let me know in the comments! ;)



San said...

Hahahaha finally I thought you were dead -_-"

and may I stress how CRAZY Pearlie was when her hair was shorter than she wanted it to be? Not pissed...INSANELY PISSED. Like, end of the world pissed.

You'll have to wait another 6 months to braid your hair...XD

Season said...

lmao san...
i actually like it better than the original length you wanted pearlie! it's nice=] and next time why not just show the hair stylist the pic :P

oh and i like the second last pic with the blue hair tie:D try it when your hair gets longer:D

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