January 29, 2011

Shoo shoo hag! (Somewhat picture heavy.)

I was going make the very much overdue post about our girls night last weekend, until I realized I don't have enough pictures on hand to do so x___x! Pearlie still has the main bulk of the pictures with all the gift unwrapping and the birthday girl's gift! And of course, she's dying due to school (so what else is new?) so let's just give her some time....LOTS OF TIME...XD.

Okay, enough random poo. I have found something to blog about that's relatively interesting ;). The past weekend, I have purchased some shoes online...WEEEEE. I hate Aldo so much, you know that? Especially when they have sales with free shipping. EFF. Makes me cave in every time.

January 25, 2011

Snap of the Day #17

LOL...its been so long since I've last posted and I'm sure San is probably mad at me for not posting, but she also knows that I'm too preoccupied with schoolwork so maybe that's why she hasn't been bugging me about it..hahaha ;D Btw, it feels like I've already did so much work this term but there's still at least three months before this term ends ><"..whyyyyy?

Anyways...once again I'm tired today after lecture (like I usually am ><")....so I seriously want something like the following to keep me awake...hehee xD

Green tea latte from Starbucks...yummm!
Strawberry ice cream waffles!
Am I making anyone hungry yet? :P


January 21, 2011

Blurb of the Day #2

Haven't written one of these in SO LONG. And this isn't really anything fancy, just a thought that crossed my mind recently.

I'm taking a Personality psych course right now and it got me thinking how weird humans think and act. Let me give you an example: I know certain males who express their annoyance with females who randomly bring up their boyfriends while chatting...

Girl: *appears out of nowhere* Hey!
Guy: Hey...
Girl: Nice watch! It looks just like my boyfriend's.
Guy: Thanks...? *thinks of something nice to say in return* Ugh, nice shoes...?
Girl: Haha thanks! Better not be coming on to me now, my boyfie will get jealous ^^!

Okay, what?! Let me get this straight...girl initiates conversation, yet girl accuses guy of showing interest in her? Makes no sense. Or how about this one:

Guy: Hey, new phone? It's different from last week's.
Girl: Yeah, but it's not that new anymore since I dropped it that night I went for dinner with my boyfriend for our anniversary. He said he'll buy me a new one though, he's a sweetheart.

 Okay, I understand why that's annoying. The girl had no need to bring up her boyfriend when the guy is clearly asking her about her phone and nothing else. "Or is he?!?!" the girl must be thinking. Ummm...paranoid much?

Here's the thing though...ARE THEY REALLY OVER-THINKING????? Read on before judging us females as paranoid beings...

January 19, 2011

Snap of the Day #16

Whoa, we haven't had a snap in a long time. And usually this is what we post when we're too lazy....haha weird XD. Well anyway, it's too late at night to make a detailed post of our adventures last Saturday, so I shall make this a snap plus sneak peak of the crazy things we did that night.

So many polaroids~! Ah, I love it. Funny story...my mom came into my bathroom while I was getting ready and said, "OH MY GOD, DID YOU GIVE YOURSELF A MUSHROOM CUT?" We almost died laughing.


January 15, 2011

New Banner!

Just have to quickly point out the obvious before anyone notices and comments on it...NEW BANNER, YAY! Took me a couple hours to put it together. Doesn't mean it wasn't HARD though. I haven't used Photoshop and Illustrator in 3-4 years, so drawing those bows were a bit of a pain -_-". But anyway, it's done! It adds some colour to our rather plain blog, so hopefully you'll feel a little less blah when you come visit.

Ahh, now that that's out of the way, time to plan out my hectic schedule for tomorrow night. There's so much to do just to get ready for a simple dinner with girlfriends...being a girl sure is a pain sometimes -_-"


Nighty night.

January 12, 2011

I shall date you today.

Wow, today was FREEEEEZING. Hate snow. Especially dirty snow -_-" Anyway, I finally have a chance to sit down and make more overdue posts XD. During the holidays, I begged Pearlie to date me before school took over her life once again. So, she allowed me to drag her to a lesser mall that was further away from our area. Taking the bus was a pain, but it was worth it since we both came home with something!

When Pearlie told me she had her heart set on buying a warm winter coat that day, I was super excited. It meant Pearlie was ACTUALLY making a big purchase in my presence. WHOAAAA. The last time she made a purchase while with me was in the university bookstore. Yep.

So when we first got on the bus, she handed me this:
Haha, it's a RED BOW!

January 9, 2011

Midnight blue...another hair dye job.

Soooo, today was our annual family house cleaning event! It went quite well for me, I'm done cleaning my room and washroom. Just need to help clean the kitchen and my homework area now =D. I found some time to actually transfer my camera pictures so I can write a decent blog post.

As I mentioned before, I dyed my hair again~ I know it's bad but there's a VERY GOOD reason why I did this time. My black roots were starting to show under the light brown hair dye T-T
My hair colour the day before dye job. Notice how I took the picture at an angle that purposefully cuts off the roots? LOL

January 6, 2011


What an unoriginal title, I know. Just thought it was funny, it was the first thing I saw just now on the wall XD. Ahh I'm sleepy...I WANNA GO HOME T-T. Anyway I saw this funny vending machine and thought I should share it with you. Have no kleenex? Pencil? Notebook? Condom??? Have no fear, buy it right here at your convenience! It's a "pleasure pack" too, how lovely XD!

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January 4, 2011

Laziness kicks in.

BLEH. I hate January. I sat in class today 15 minutes before it started and thought, "CLASS STINKS SO BADLY I WANNA CRY." Yeah and that's before it even started. ARGGH. It just feels so pooey to have to go to school. And it's starting to snow again now that school is starting. WHY T-T? Anyway, I must apologize for not posting. I had all my pictures on my camera (including the ones Pearlie and I took for the new banner I'm suppose to have made by now), but whenever I sit down in front of my laptop or desktop, my camera is always somewhere far from me. And I'm too damn lazy to get off my arse and get it XD. Soooooo...I still have a ton of pictures to transfer and blog about...including my date with Pearlie~! We finally went shopping and I bought something I've eyed for the longest time, but I shall leave it at that (ooooh, the suspense). Err, haven't had a chance to exchange SS gifts (WAHHHHH) but hopefully that'll happen next week =). I apparently have another late Christmas gift I should be expecting any time this week, so I'm sure when I get it, I'll be snapping pictures like a mad woman again. Hmm...ah yes, went to pick up 2 Hot Toys Iron Man figures from the second movie (of course, neither of them are not mine hahaha) so I shall try to nag D to take some shots of those. OHMIGAWD the aDDiction blog is so dead. Might move it to Wordpress or even Blogger, since we've been getting  spam and stuff on FC2.

So that pretty much sums up anything that WILL be happening on the blog soon. I know everyone makes those New Year resolutions or "reflecting on 2010" posts, but I decided not to. Why? Because:

1) I never do what I say I'll do. NEEEEVER. So NY resolutions are quite pointless. I just keep doin' what I do.
2) I don't remember anything in 2010 prior to my birthday worth mentioning if I make a reflection post.
Most importantly...the time it takes to write either of those posts would be precious drama-watching time! LOL

Okay, clearly this is gettng too long, I must get back to my shows. BUB-BYEEEEEEE.

Oh one more thing, HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE. Hope you're enjoying it more than I am at the mo. XD

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