March 31, 2011

Missing Files: BRTC Jasmine.

Remember that BB cream I bought way back in the day? The one I said I'd talk about but never did -_-? Um well...OOPS. I've been using this BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream since I bought it, never went back to foundation. I think it's partly because it was easier to use and partly because I'm too lazy to search for anything (foundation or BB cream) that's better XD.

March 27, 2011

Snap of the Day #20 / Blurb of the Day #3

It keeps getting harder and harder to find time for us. 
The more I try to ignore it,
the more it invades my mind.
What happens when you're gone?
...what a scary thought.


March 23, 2011

Silver things.

It's snowing today! And I mean that in a bad way of course =(. Everyone who's out there today, please be careful...if I had known it would be this bad, I would've told my friend to stay home today instead of come back out to meet me ><". Haiiiii...stupid snow -_-"!

Anyway, today my brother received his prize from Heart and Stroke Foundation for his donations. It turned out to be a necklace, which he of course had no use for...guess who he gave it to ;)? Also, I finally received 2 of my 3 items from Regal Rose, which is a lovely online jewelry store I'm loving lately!

Click now~~

March 15, 2011

Snap of the Day #19

Since Pearlie cheated and posted multiple pictures on her last SOTD, I'll do the same XD! My mom's friend gave me this chocolate...her daughter's wedding. Isn't this a cute idea? It tastes pretty good too! Only downside to it is that it's almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST.

In case you're wondering, the url is
Checkers! Love that pattern =)
I want one now! But not for my wedding, I want one with all my girlfriends and I on it. It would be so cute! I dunno, personally it just feels more like a cutesy thing than a romantic thing XD.


March 11, 2011

Pay attention sometime.

Hello all,

We're sure you've all seen the news by now regarding the earthquake and tsunami. We hope all of you out there that were affected are well...our hearts go out to you all. As for the rest of you, hopefully you'll take this news as a warning like we did...stop for a moment and just pay attention to everything and everyone around you. Cherish what you have, because you just might lose it all the next moment.

"Cherish every moment and spend it wisely, because time waits for no-one."
(Picture and quote credited to Pink Flutterby ƸӜƷ © OFF on flickr, see here for original.)

Please be safe, everyone.
---Love from San & Pearlie

March 9, 2011

Lipgloss and Black giveaway!

I'm never too busy to stay updated with L&B. When I saw they were doing this giveaway I knew I had to take part in it!! You get everything Sam's wearing here:

To enter, see details here.

Hope I win...fingers and toes crossed =).

March 8, 2011

Snap of the Day #18

Haha..we haven't had one of these posts in a while so here I am to do one..(yes I know what you're probably thinking: this is such a lame excuse to do a short post ><") :P

Anyways, my class got canceled today's like the third time for this course in this term..sounds amazing doesn't it? LOL...So what I ended up doing was being lazy at home and also attempted to work on my term paper and thesis project (now that data collection is over! xD). But other than schoolwork, I was also browsing on random Tumblrs and found some pictures that I really like so I'm gonna re-post them now...

This is such a cute cushion...I want one!
Click "read more"...

March 6, 2011

San's Favourite Foodies - Asian Edition part 1

I was bored from doing (trying to do) my course paper when I decided to it's time for an update! I couldn't think of what to talk about, since so far most of the pictures I've taken with my camera are of Mister D....hahaha XD. For some reason, lately I've been CRAVING  a lot of different dishes that I've had in the past and why not make a fav foodies post? (I know it must seem horrible that they're all Asian dishes only...obviously I love other dishes, it's just that if I include EVERYTHING I don't think I'll ever finish this post in time to sleep XD!)

Here they are, part one of my 'favourite dishes' list in no particular order...

1. Bun Rieu (Vietnamese crab noodle soup)
You know how at hot pot/shabu shabu, you're presented with a dozen different sauces to mix for your food? Well, this one time, I noticed a new sauce my sister bought with a huge crab on it. It looked a bit scary, because it's like, reddish orange. And of course, we all associate red/orange coloured sauce with SPICY. Soooo I was hesitant in trying it, but damn did it smell good. I gave it a try and OMIGAWD it's so good!! Fell in love with the sauce. Today, I continue to keep a jar of crab paste as part of our collection of Asian sauces in the kitchen. can imagine what happened when I found out they made NOODLE SOUP with this stuff (or based on the flavour of it at least!).
More yummies under the cut~

March 3, 2011

Hello, I'm GF2. And you are?

Yeah, this couldn't wait until later. I'm dead tired but I'm SO EXCITED I just had to post these up right away! MY CAMERA IS HERE!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!

It's gone through so much. First, there were payment issues, then shipping from their supplier was delayed, and then when they FINALLY shipped it to me, I thought they "lost" it in the mail. But it turns out they left it in my mailbox. WHAT. THE. HELL. Who leaves an expedited high value package in the mailbox??? I didn't even CHECK my mailbox yesterday or the day before because I didn't think anyone would be dumb enough to put it there instead of walking another 10 steps and hand delivering it to me. Seriously, only Canada Post, ladies and gents. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the battery to fully charge so I can't give it a full inspection yet (sooo hoping that everything's okay...) so I took another camera and took pictures of it for you all to see. I present to you, my camera...

 ...under the cut. HAHAHA I'm such a tease XD. Click!

March 2, 2011

Two finger rings~

Hello again! I finally have a chance to sit down again and make a new post =) As I mentioned last time, I received my package from Hautelook~! I originally didn't want to buy anything from there, but I fell in love with this gorgeous Free People dress. I bought it, felt like it was too expensive, and returned it. I had NO IDEA Hautelook gives you credit instead of money back on returns T-T. If I knew I wouldn't have bought the damn dress >

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