March 31, 2011

Missing Files: BRTC Jasmine.

Remember that BB cream I bought way back in the day? The one I said I'd talk about but never did -_-? Um well...OOPS. I've been using this BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream since I bought it, never went back to foundation. I think it's partly because it was easier to use and partly because I'm too lazy to search for anything (foundation or BB cream) that's better XD.

On my skin:
-Quite close to my skin If I put this on 2 years ago when I still saw the light of day at least once a day then it would probably be a tad bit too light for me. In other words, like most BB creams, it is LIIIIIGHT. And there's nothin' you can do. -_-"
-A tad bit cakey at times. But keep in mind I have very dry skin in certain areas =/

-IMO, it kinda sucks. Need to apply more 1 layer to really cover up everything. I realize that with one layer only, it looks like I have nothing on lol. Of course the dilemma is that if I apply 2 layers, it already looks too cakey. So I usually do 1 layer + spotting/concealment.

One layer only. Dark circles not I still look like I cried all night -_-"

One layer + concealing.
Does it really "improve" your skin?
-Haha er I dunno about that. I don't use it often enough (I'm home a lot...who wears make up at home?!) to know if it's really doing the whole wrinkle-prevention/whitening thing. Though I'm not really sure if my currently ghostly state is because this stuff is working, or if it's because I haven't seen much sun + wore crazy high sunscreen stuff ever since I started using the BB cream.

-I like it.

With highlight, blush, and all that poo.
Full day of BRTC. Doesn't seem to oxidate that much? And yes, I napped with it on. XD

Buy again?
-Nah. Gonna try other stuff first...not loving this =/ But if other ones completely fail, then yeah I'll buy it again XD

Okay, the end.


Alx said...

are u running out yet??? i found this site that i think is cool and probably carries one of the lowest price.. they have bbcreams there too i wanna try the oriental gold bb cream only 22$ wiht free shipping and samples i think.. im not too sure.. but i know that bb cream is toooo light and it doenst cover much i cuz i researched on it but i loveeee the packaging and how there's a blush on to on the bottle!! sooo coooool!!! anyways this is hte site lol

San said...

it IS cheap on that site! and the BB cream you're talking about looks so niceeeee...! I'm tempted to get that one now, but I really wanted to try the skin79 pink one XD Oli said she'd get it for me when I run out, it's really cheap on ebay =)

Pearlie said...

ahhh....I want to try the skin79 pink one too if it is cheap like you're saying tell me when you guys are ordering one cuz I want too :)..hahaha...btw, I don't wanna study T-T

San said...

PEAR...I don't want to study either x__x hope oli still remembers about the bb creams...maybe we should all get it together, alx! I think the ebay seller most likely has the oriental bb cream too if they have the pink skin79 one

Alx said...

is the ebay seller cheaper?? cuz i wanna get the sample set too like the one wiht the 4 minis... i dont no...Pearl!! i wanted the pink as well!! lol omg i gotta research more.. but i really like how the oriental's packaging is soo cool! and has a blush too!! =]

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