April 1, 2011

Armed and Dangerous: Naked Cyclops Tiger. (Picture heavy!)

Whoa what a messed up name. Either San found a dangerous illegal pet from Pacific Mall (the new Chinatown lol) or she's trying to put a lot of stuff in one post.

Sorry to say, it's not an exotic pet post.

Ahh where to start? So much to talk about @.@ Let's show off the rings first.
Left to Right: H&M ring, Regal Rose 2 finger Cross, gifted Hibari cloud ring (TY Travis!), gifted Silver X's ring, gifted Swirly hearts ring, Beyond Rings Filigree silver ring, and lastly...

...just received my last Regal Rose item in the mail this week! Here it is:
Armed and Dangerous: Double Cage Hinge ring

This feels soooo NANA, with the red nails and all that. XD

Onto item #2~! Met up today with one of my darlings to pick up the newly restocked UD Naked Palette from Sephora.com =) It looks amazing! I finally have some neutral shadows ^^, can't wait to try them out.
Of course, it came with the UD Potion Primer (haven't even finished my first one yet -_-")
Gorgeous colours, washed out by the blinding window light! This palette has a shadow brush which replaces the liners.

Next up, a VERY unexpected purchase. I was browsing Marvel-related stuff when I came across the Tokidoki x Marvel products...and I went NUTSSSSS. Well, I went nuts over the Avengers hat! It was so cute!! But of course they were sold out of my size, AND the hat was...well...the very weird looking "New Era" caps which I didn't like. The shape is so....ugh. So I didn't buy it.

...until I came across this one ON SALE! It was a steal (literally), and I figured it would be nice to have it even as a collector's item. He wasn't my first choice (Wolvie was) but only this one still had my size -_-"
Cyclops cooks meat. =D
Sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute! Bulletproof Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine~
Lalala. I love Spiderman in this picture =D

Snapped right before I headed out today.
Another something that I wouldn't normally get. Crazy funky Onitsuka Tiger sneakers! This is actually a gift,  and so have been sitting in one corner for close to a month now...I didn't even know what Onitsuka Tiger was o.O. I truly didn't appreciate them until I put them on for the first time today. They are SO comfortable! And I'm loving the shape <3
Polka dots with pink laces! How yummy =)

Weird...look like I'm in high school again. o.O!!
I can look at it as being forever young, perhaps?
...HAHAHAHA, yeah riiight. -_-"
Also, some pretty cosplay wigs to come in a couple weeks. AN 2010! No, I'm not cosplaying anymore, no $ or time for it =(. But I still bought the wigs. *LAME*
Huh...looking at all the stuff I've been into lately...street dancing/cosplaying/rocker chick gal, anyone? I think after my haircut, I'll ease into the 'gentleman' phase. Cross-dressing, woohoo!

As you can see, my sense of style is always on steroids and quite unstable. Kind of like me...minus the steroids. Anyhoo, for those of you who've made it all the way to the end of this post, hope you had fun reading ;) See yooz~



Season said...

i like the hat! super cute=]
and the shoes!!! i have them in black/yellow! i love Onitsuka Tiger shoes =D

San said...

Yeeees loving the hat...I would buy the other ones too if I could find them XD. Omg the shoes you got from Little Burgundy right?! I thought I remembered the name from somewhere!

Season said...

haha yes the ones from little burgundy....and hey your camera isn't white anymore!

Alx said...

loveee the hate!! soo cuteee specially the bottom of it!!...

=O you bought wigs even tho u're not cosplaying anymore =[ whyy!! i wanna see ur costumes!!!

San said...

@season - yeah I put a brown leathery safeguard on top of it to protect it from getting dirty =) it's sort of more retro now...lol

@alx - ahh no time + money to invest in the costumes =( but the wigs are very natural colours/styles, I want to play around with them and wear them out...XD

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