April 22, 2011

Make up geek?

Ah, it feels great to be done. I still feel quite sluggish, but I promise to get back to blogging properly soon (STILLLLLLL haven't taken photos of War Machine statue...ugh @.@). In the meantime, enjoy some not so interesting stuff I bought a month ago (but just received like two weeks ago lol) from makeupgeek.com ...because Canada sucks and does not carry NYX stuff in stores -_-" and it's overpriced on the Canadian site!

Sheesh. I saw on the news that the exact same electronic equipment costs 20% more in Canada compared to U.S. WHY???? But  I also hate the stupid shipping/handling fees from U.S. online stores x__x. Anyway, before I digress too much, let's move on to the stash (or lack thereof).

Whoaaa, two items! LOL

Palladio Tinted Lip Balm in Berry
VERY smooth. I can't wear lipsticks (uncomfortably dry ><...but I'm trying?) or lipgloss (so sticky...nasty -_-) so I usually just slab on lipbalm. Which kinda sucks sometimes, because there are some pretty cool lipshades that I'm missing out on....but this product is awesome~! The colour is quite pigmented, and it feels nice on my lips ;)
NYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon
This is the true colour, my bathroom light was too much for it in the last shot XD. I LOVE IT. It's not nearly as pigmented as it seems here which is great because who wants to look like an orange with one stroke of the brush -_-?! It feels very velvety too...texture reminds me of the Naked Palette shadows =)
Though I'd never wear this combination make up (uhh, orange + pink = grapefruit?!), here's what they look like on...
As you can see, the lips are matte =D I think most of the other colours were shimmery though.
This is probably one or even two very light applications of the blush. It's hard to tell because of the blinding light, but in person it looks MUCH more visible.
There, an angle where you can actually see a bit of blush from the shadowy side ^^. I think in indoor/dimmer lighting, that's the shade it'll look on your cheeks. I know it looks like I applied just a  line of orange down the side of my face -_-"
San's stupid light reflecting face + window light = wash out anything on San's face.
So I ran to my bathroom just now to take an "indoor lighting" picture. And as it turns out, only the stupid face picture turned out okay...hahaha XD. Anyway, you can see a bit more of the orange here ;)
Well, this post turned out to be longer than expected -_-" Anyway, I shall leave you with this very helpful video that shows you how to apply cream blush. I find that this method is ESPECIALLY flattering for blushes (cream or powder) that are very pigmented or just a non-pink shade, because it really DOES look more natural when you put it on starting from the outer perimeter of your face. It works great with the Nyx cinnamon =D

Funny, I have yet to put my purple blush to good use -_-" I shall experiment with it soon....

Okay byeeees.



Pearlie said...

hahaa...i love the "whoaaa, two items!" :)...andddd i wanna see you with the orange blush sooooon! xD

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