July 31, 2010

Snap of the Day #1

Yes, finally a post by me (Pearlie XD) after forever...hmm actually its not forever it's just that San posts like so many entries each time :P (ahaha I'm making excuses I know ><")

Anyways, this is gonna be a short entry cause I don't have much to say at the moment LOL and ever since this blog has been started I realized I haven't talked about my obsession (unlike San and her anime figures and statues ahahaha)...thus this shall be the start of it! So without further bs-ing LOL...here's a picture of my obsession:
LOL! My obsession is not on mint tablets, but the main point of this picture is the four words in the corner of the package: "東方神起". xD
AHAHAHA...yes what a random introduction to my obsession, but I'll talk more about them next time! Btw does anyone know who they are?!?! :)

--- pearlie

July 28, 2010

"It feels very...BLOG NOW"

This is the one time I'm blogging not because I feel like it, but rather, the boy does. Oh wait, he prefers to be called RNman now...lolllll (Alex, you know who RNman is now~). I can't really picture myself referring to him as Iron Man in all my posts...so uhh...yeah. XD
Here's a picture he took of me, which he edited to look somewhat lomo♥. He sends it to me and orders me to post it, so here it is! Lol...

Oh yeah, I stopped wearing foundation lately, it just felt too nasty and cakey. I'm sticking with just concealing the under eye circles...hahaha. You probably notice how you can see my freckles more clearly now...T^T. Oh welllllll.....=/
Pearlieeeeee, you need to post something already...lol.


July 27, 2010

Kao Prettia hair dye in Chiffon Beige - Review.

My cousin introduced me to this bubble hair dye and I tried to search for it on google to find some good reviews on it. I found some on the reddish tones and some on the dark browns, but nothing detailed on the lighter shades which is what I wanted to buy =( SO, here's my own review of this Kao Prettia hair dye on Chiffon Beige.

First of all, my cousin pointed out to me that Kao Prettia is the same as Kao Liese in terms of colour selections. What's useful to know is that the Liese line has English instructions while the Prettia one is just in Japanese. But, there's always English instructions posted online in forums, youtube tutorials, etc.
This is after I used it, I forgot to take pictures before XD. So you'll notice some leftover foam on the bottles...hahaha.
This is the colour I had hoped for, also the colour that was on my cousin's hair (it looks amazing on her).
Results, depending on your hair colour.
So let's talk about my gross hair first. I naturally have very black hair which I dyed red about 2 months ago. I used a drugstore brand called Nice 'n Easy. Prior to this I had dark brown hair with black roots showing. And wouldn't you know, when I used Nice 'n Easy, the brown parts all turned quite red while the black roots stayed black. Instead of looking like I just dyed it red, it looked like I'm overdue for touch-ups already. -_-" *Sigh*

Before: normal indoor lighting.
Before: direct sunlight indoors
Here are the GOOD things that came out of using Prettia. First of all, it covered my black roots completely. Unlike drugstore brands, this is MUCH more suitable for the stubborn black Asian hair that refuses to take in the hair dye colour (like mine). I'm not saying my hair took in the actual colour I wanted, but hey, it didn't stay black at least XD. Second, one bottle goes a long way. I have medium length hair, but it's incredibly thick. My cousin said she's never had to use the whole bottle of Prettia dye before on her or her friends, but for me, she used the whole bottle on me. Buuuuut, the whole bottle was enough =) You'll see that the tips of my hair are clearly dyed as well as the roots. Some say that this product seems to leave their hair silkier and smoother, but it didn't really feel that way for me, maybe because my hair is very thick and coarse. I did however, feel that it wasn't as heavy as before.
After: normal indoor lighting.
After: indoor with flash.
Now, on to the cons. First, the colour didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. From the box, it clearly shows shades of brown, but mine turned out burgundy, probably due to the red dye from my previous dye job. I can't really blame this on the product, but still, it was a bit disappointing. Second, the roots turned out VERY close to the brown shade that I had hoped for, while the rest of my hair looked reddish. So, if you look very closely, you'll notice a transition of colours from light brown to red in my hair.
The day after: sunlight indoors.
The day after: normal lighting indoors.
 Overall, I do like this product. It's amazing how hair dyed at home can have such vibrant colour results. And, even though it looked very red the first day, it turned more brown the next day. This is true to what I've read in other people's reviews where the colour becomes more obvious (and even between the roots and ends) with each wash. I'd say it deserves an 8/10, where the colour goes on best if you had previously black or brown hair. If your hair was previously red like mine, expect a slightly different shade in results XD.


Behind the mask.

More Wolvie pictures! These are the behind the scenes pictures of me unwrapping the statue with D. Wolverine is listed as 5'3 on the Marvel site, and his statue still turned out ENORMOUS. Most of the X-Men team are between 5'9-6'3ish (I'm probably off by a bit lol), can you imagine how tall those statues will be?! I'm super excited now for more to come~
Huuuge box.
A gift card for $25! Too bad the list of statues you can use it on weren't on my wishlist.
Just look at the box compared to that Pokemon box beside it...it's crazy o.O
Me and him.
D having fun...lol.
He is statue #374! That's pretty good =)
Random shot of my hair a day after it's dyed XD
I'll be posting more on statues now too...expect another one SOON. =)


C'mere, bub.

My Wolverine PF is finally here~ Here are the better shots of him taken by Mister D yesterday =). HE. IS. HUGE. And super heavy too! I love it though, it looks amazing. There'll be more coming soon....veeery soon. HEHEHE...>=D
By the way, those claws are real. Almost scratched myself while setting him up downstairs hahaha. If anyone's interested in this stuff, check out Sideshow Collectibles.


July 21, 2010

Docs, docs, docs.

Dedicating this post to Docs, which I LOVE. So comfortable, it's amazing! I got my first pair last year as an anniversary gift from mister D...

Silver 14 eyes! I still love them more than any other pair of shoes I own, partially because I can grab everyone's attention without me having to wear killer heels. WAHAHAHA...my moon boots are love.

These purple 8 eyes I bought more recently. They're veeery comfortable! And obviously it's more casual, since it doesn't reflect light like the other ones XD

...and guess what? The boyfriend got a pair of matte black docs, thanks to me constantly annoying him about how good Docs would look on him =). Oh, but these aren't the ones he ended up with. He returned it for the 14 eyes. WOOHOO, even better ;). Honestly, any guy can wear 8 eyed Docs, but few can pull off 14 without looking...um...weird. This is all according to the sales girl, NOT me. Then again, maybe she was trying to get him to buy the 14 eyes since it's more expensive. LOL, who knows?!

I've noticed that the 14 eyes are not as comfortable as the 8 eyes...this is also true for a friend of mine who also wears Docs. My 14 eyed ones are soft leather, so there's this hard THING they added in there near my achilles heel and it scratches me when I walk in them for too long. Another thing is, I bought UK size 6 because the size smaller is too tight on me. That little extra space in there is probably why it scratches me. It's horrible ><" Buuuut, I found a cheap solution to this. I added a thick piece of square foam which I found from my brother's computer room. I'm sure you'll find a lot of these when you have things shipped to you in the mail. Anyway, placing them right at the back is perfect. The foamie adjusts to the curve of my heel and it's thickness keeps the hard thing from scratching me. I've tried those drug store sold soft heel protectors you stick inside your high heels that serve the same purpose. They do noooot work. Not for these shoes -_-" Soooo....foamies, in my opinion, are the best way to go =)

If you like chunky shoes that feel comfy but look awesome, you should consider Docs. Best part is, there're so many styles! I'm currently loving the floral ones, but I'm sure I won't buy them. One crazy pair + one normal pair is enough for me =) I'm going to buy other shoes instead! LOL...I can just picture Pearlie shaking her head in disapproval while reading this. Anyway, that's all for today, I wrote too much XD. My constantly runny nose is driving me crazy, I must take care of it now...(I'm literally running around the house for more kleenex screaming, "WILL YOU STOP RUNNING ALREADY!?!?!" Yeah, I talk to my nose. A little too often.


July 18, 2010

happy birthday to MEEEE!..lolll

YUP, I'm a year older today ><"....ahhhh I feeel old but San says I don't look old yet so its still good ahaha. Anyways, I'm NOT too lazy to make a post today its just that I was busy pretty much the whole day until now...so here I am writing "the" post nowwww...LOL. Hmmm, so what can I talk about? Uhhh...oh yeah, San wanted me to talk about my birthday presents ahahaa..

So the first present I got this year was from San and my five other beloved friends that I've known for like forever LOL and its a Swatch watch from the "Full-Blooded Collection" (yes I went online and looked it up after I got the gift..loll)

(This was the bag and gift box(?) that it came in..ahaha)
(Here's the watch and the case for it...you can't really see the case properly though..LOL)

(And yessss...a CLOSE-UP of the watch is needed!..VERY PRETTY isn't it?!?!..but it also looks like I'm doing an ad for them or something :P)

And here's another one of my birthday presents, a sheep plushie that can be transformed into something useful LOL..and it was from my aunt! :)

(A close-up of its face while it is transforming!!..ahahahaa xD)(Here's how it looks after its transformation...a super soft pillow! ^^")

(And my aunt also got me this Mocha Mousse cake!!)

Hmmmm and for the other presents that I received they were all red pockets which means money LOL...so I guess I shall go get myself something niceee!...AHAHAH :D

Well...that's it for now cause I'm getting sleepy -__-"....butttt THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



It's Pearlie day, everyone~! I was hoping she'd post today, but it seems like she's too busy being LAZY!! Buuuuut, it's her birthday so I can't bug her about it. I shall bug her tomorrow XD

I'm not at my own computer, so I just grabbed a random picture from her profile picture album in Facebook, lol. This is my personal favourite picture of you...so no whining Pearlieeeeee -_-" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you're enjoying today =) LOVE YOU~


July 17, 2010


I got my watch in the mail a few days ago and was too lazy to post pictures of it -_-". Well, here they are =). It's a Marc Jacobs watch, with Miss Marc on it =D!!

Sooooo cute...!! And is it just me or is Pearlie taking FOREVER to reveal what her birthday present was?! Let's hope she'll post SOON...;)


July 11, 2010

Dinner with our lovelies!

I should post this now while I'm still in a "blogging" mood. Yesterday, Pearlie and I went for dinner with our girlfriends!! I've known them for almost as long as I've known Pearlie, and of course I love them all just as much. Wow, haven't seen them in forever (Uhh, a couple weeks? That's pretty long for us...lol). We were celebrating the July babies' birthdays over dinner =). Here they are...

Our lovely July babies =)

With the older July baby...

And of course the younger one. Did you notice how I smiled like each of them? LOL


Here's us with our sisters, minus one. We'll get a complete family portrait when she's back ;)

Finally, what Pearlie and I wore, with part of her skirt covered up ><". Pearlie was so tall that night...hahahaha XD

Are you wondering what she got for her birthday?? Stay tuned and (hopefully) she'll post up some decent pictures of it =D

Bored out of my mind.

Ugh. Disgustingly boring summer. HATE IT. Let me post all the random pictures I was too lazy to post over the past couple of weeks...

My purple room, painted a while back.

Who is the fairest one of all? I wouldn't be surprised if it's Pearlie. Have you seen her legs? They reflect light to a point where you need to wear sunglasses when looking at them. (Yeah I know that's not the "fair" the shirt refers to LOL)

HER bag: Matt&Nat wallet, Banana Republic prescription glasses, shades, HTC phone, cute keychains w/ keys (lol), flowery pouch with something in it (I'm guessing contact solution/case), green pouch with a lot of face/beauty stuff inside (A LOT!!), tissue.

MY bag: Domo-kun coin pouch, white cherries pouch for female essentials (YOU think of a better term for it), Westwood wallet, LipIce + random lipgloss, shades, keys that aren't cute like Pearlie's, HTC phone, other pouch for essentials (tissue, mirror, eyedrops, medicine)

And there you have it. A veeeeeery boring post about nothing. =) Hope you enjoyed reading it!! Lol XD


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