July 27, 2010

Behind the mask.

More Wolvie pictures! These are the behind the scenes pictures of me unwrapping the statue with D. Wolverine is listed as 5'3 on the Marvel site, and his statue still turned out ENORMOUS. Most of the X-Men team are between 5'9-6'3ish (I'm probably off by a bit lol), can you imagine how tall those statues will be?! I'm super excited now for more to come~
Huuuge box.
A gift card for $25! Too bad the list of statues you can use it on weren't on my wishlist.
Just look at the box compared to that Pokemon box beside it...it's crazy o.O
Me and him.
D having fun...lol.
He is statue #374! That's pretty good =)
Random shot of my hair a day after it's dyed XD
I'll be posting more on statues now too...expect another one SOON. =)



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