July 28, 2010

"It feels very...BLOG NOW"

This is the one time I'm blogging not because I feel like it, but rather, the boy does. Oh wait, he prefers to be called RNman now...lolllll (Alex, you know who RNman is now~). I can't really picture myself referring to him as Iron Man in all my posts...so uhh...yeah. XD
Here's a picture he took of me, which he edited to look somewhat lomo♥. He sends it to me and orders me to post it, so here it is! Lol...

Oh yeah, I stopped wearing foundation lately, it just felt too nasty and cakey. I'm sticking with just concealing the under eye circles...hahaha. You probably notice how you can see my freckles more clearly now...T^T. Oh welllllll.....=/
Pearlieeeeee, you need to post something already...lol.



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