July 11, 2010

Dinner with our lovelies!

I should post this now while I'm still in a "blogging" mood. Yesterday, Pearlie and I went for dinner with our girlfriends!! I've known them for almost as long as I've known Pearlie, and of course I love them all just as much. Wow, haven't seen them in forever (Uhh, a couple weeks? That's pretty long for us...lol). We were celebrating the July babies' birthdays over dinner =). Here they are...

Our lovely July babies =)

With the older July baby...

And of course the younger one. Did you notice how I smiled like each of them? LOL


Here's us with our sisters, minus one. We'll get a complete family portrait when she's back ;)

Finally, what Pearlie and I wore, with part of her skirt covered up ><". Pearlie was so tall that night...hahahaha XD

Are you wondering what she got for her birthday?? Stay tuned and (hopefully) she'll post up some decent pictures of it =D


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