December 11, 2012

Well, goodbye?

We've been quite naughty, haven't we? Pearlie and San have been so terribly behind in their blogging that they've given up completely. Can you believe that I (San) almost typed out my real name just now rather than my long forgotten blog name, and I also had to think for a whole 10 seconds before I recalled our blogspot password?! Lol, anyway...moving on =)

So without a doubt this blog truly is dead now, and I must say it is pretty sad to see it go down this route. Guess we're not meant to be bloggers, eh? But this blog is staying right where it is, because I see that people still stumble upon it every now and then and actually find some of those hair dye reviews useful.

FEAR NOT, we aren't completely dead. Pearlie and I have simply migrated to something lazier to share our boring lives with the world...Instagram! Honestly, I haven't touched my laptop more than 5 times in the past 3 months (a tablet is so effing amazing, damnit) so I have NO IDEA how I'm suppose to put a fancy shmancy link here to our instagram accounts. I'll just be an ass, and put our usernames here so anyone who's interested can go pull up the app and search us =D.

Here it is, folks...
San's: dysl_
Pearlie's: pearlie_l

Okay, it's been fun and thanks again to everyone who followed us! Take care =)

July 29, 2012

It's the work of fairies. [book review]

Finally I can get around to doing this! I was contacted by artist Ty Hulse a while back to review The World of Fairy: A Sketch Book & Artists Guide to Fairies and after receiving it this past Thursday, I nervously went through the book over the weekend and tried to figure out what to say about it. So this is all my opinion on the art and the book in general, blah blah blah. I don't really know the right term for some things, so bear with me. Okaaaay, here goes.
I must admit, I thought this review was going to be done Thursday night or Friday morning latest. When I got the book, it was quite thin so I sort of put it off to Friday/the weekend to look through it. When I finally found time to sit down and go through this, I took two days (haha, yep). This isn't just a simple sketch book, it actually has various quotes and stories about fairies! That's one of the reasons I really enjoyed it, it gave me something to think about while admiring the art. I know that sounds somewhat childish, but sometimes a picture doesn't really mean much to me until I have something (anything) related to it told to me.
"Humans would tie bits of cloth and or paper to trees as offerings and as a means of communicating with the spirits within" (Funny, this reminded me of the Chinese wishing tree where we write our wishes on paper and throw it up onto a tree. How cool is that?)

So this is still an art book, so let's talk about the art! I honestly know nothing about art, but I know what I like. This is what I like.
Not everything is in colour, but whatever is in colour is gorgeous! The first quarter (maybe even half?) of the pieces are very soft and I absolutely love the different shades of green. Damn it I love green.
Love that cloudy greyish tone in the softer pieces. For me, the cloudiness (you know, the powdery look?) really gives off that fantasy element of fairies.
I hate to admit it but I'm loving the pink. Yes, pink =P
One of my faves! I love the shading..something more gloomy (just the way I like it hahaha)
I didn't see as many bold colours throughout the book, but here's one that I love...
Again, the green is just beautiful here. The red is what really pops, but I just can't take my eyes off the green and the little flecks of yellow/gold ;)
There were some black and white pieces which really showed off how well Hulse can sketch. I love how everything is conveyed so...clearly. I can't explain this without showing you =P
Scary looking monster's teeth looking razor sharp, and cute owl looking super fluffy. It's amazing what various lines and a bit of shading can do.

And that's really all I have for this book. I did take more pictures than I ended up including in this post, but I limited myself to just the few that really put out what I wanted to get across to you. I think I've mentioned a long time ago that I studied world religion and Greek mythology throughout university and absolutely loved it. Going through this book gave me that same feeling. It's as if I was learning the traditions of fairies, if that makes any sense (not sure if traditions is the right word for it, but you get the point I hope?).

Aside from the art being very beautiful, I do have some small things I wanted to point out regarding the book. Even though the text was very helpful in appreciating the art, it was a bit overwhelming at times. There were some pages with large amounts of text which was a lot to digest. It would be nice if some art pieces were placed between them to break up the reading a bit, especially that full page of pure text. It really helps to let the little blurbs you read sink in by checking out a simple fairy sketch or something before going on to reading more. Another small (and sort of unnecessary) thing I would have done was use a more cursive type font. I think it would really match the lovely art work!

Overall, I had a very enjoyable weekend of reading. I'm someone who likes to read and having lots of little interesting stories and snippets about fairies to go through while admiring the art was a major plus for me. I highly doubt it'll take any of you two days to go through it though, haha. I just like to read and re-read some text. The colour choices were always beautiful and delicate, which certainly felt very "fairy-like" and almost magical.

If anyone is interested in learning more about Ty Hulse's art or this book, please visit this site for more details.

Hope everyone liked this little review, and enjoy the rest of your Sundays!

July 16, 2012

Wow...what? (photo diary entry five)

Can't believe it's been nearly two months since the last post. I feel pretty guilty whenever I click the link to our blog and see how dead it is! It really sucks because there's just nothing to blog about =( well, there are small things to talk about but they were too boring to really blog about individually. I guess I'll do a bit of an update here, so I sleep better tonight ;)

May to July...
-got a new phone and plan (slightly more expensive but still reasonable for what I'm getting lol)
-Avengers midnight premier
-Montreal trip (cousin's wedding)
-met family I haven't seen in 15-18 years (craaazy)
-MIB 3 (ehhhh, it was alright)
-Prometheus movie (gross ending lol)
-Amazing Spiderman movie (loved the fighting style and movement in this one)
-new statues (woohoooooooo)
-Alx's makeup model (fun to see her in action lol)
-lots of BBQ
-picnics (lots of snoozing)
-super duper huge house cleaning/room cleaning (my room looks like new, yay)
-fishing (caught 4 large ones! WOOHOO!)
-said goodbye to a dear friend going back home (this sucked...I cried!)

Okay so that's really it. HOW BORING! For me, only the Montreal trip seems interesting out of all Here are some pictures from the various events =)

No pictures of new statues yet, but here's Mark III being relocated because of major house cleaning. I call him hobo Iron Man.
General tao chicken and special fried rice from uncle's restaurant in Montreal! THE BEST SHIZ YOU EVER TASTED.
Okay this looks burnt, but it was our first BBQ of the year...we were pretty rusty in grilling hahaha.
Awful picture but it's the only one I took of just me in the gown! I completely forgot to take single photos after the ceremony LOL!
Chinatown in Montreal! It was very nice =)
"Artist ally" in Old Montreal =)
My cousin's dog...SO FLUFFY! I forget the name, either Bebe or Bobo. Yep this dog had a twin who died, named Bebe or Bobo...that's why I don't remember the right name -_-"
Gorgeous wedding reception =)
Sorry, no picture of the
Ceremony area...there was a lady playing the harp half the night =)
hanging out in the bar area while they prepared the was a huuuuuuge room.
Alright, picnic! Lots of girl talk and bugs crawling around. A naughty caterpillar went up my thigh...gross.
Goodbye at the airport. If I'm lucky, I'll be visiting a couple places in Asia next year =)
Alx's makeup and styling skills =) It was scary as hell posing because I look dumb 80% of the time lol.
That's it! By the way, do Alx a favour and check out her and her boyfriend's new business, Celebrity Physiques. Their website will be up and running shortly, but you can see updates so far through their facebook page =)

OKAY. So this month does have some interesting stuff going on, hopefully that will cause me to blog more. Have a fun July!

May 9, 2012

Attention all circle lens or soft lens users!

Okay so while I'm still here with blogger open, I might as well write another post. This is pretty exciting because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product my friend recommended me. I'm a regular circle lens user, and on occasion I wear my regular clear lens, but it just annoys the crap out of me when they start to dry out. This tends to happen 1) after several hours 2) after several uses, and using eye drops to lubricate my eyes is just temporary relief.

So this is what my friend suggested to me:
Taken from
This is SO GOOD. I also love that little I really don't know how to explain how it works so here's what it is straight from their website:
Clear Care® uses hydrogen peroxide that penetrates the lens and kills germs and bacteria for strong disinfection and deep cleaning.
Hydrogen peroxide is part of the Clear Care® Triple-Action cleaning process. After the hydrogen peroxide provides deep cleaning, a built-in surfactant loosens dirt, debris and deposits. Finally, bubbling action enhances surface protein removal.
Here's how it looks when soaking/disinfecting:
SO COOL! I like watching it for some reason LOL. Picture taken from because none of mine captured the bubbling so well -_-"
Anyway, my friend uses this with her circle lenses and she said they feel brand new every time she puts them on. I've just bought this, and I tried it on my clear lenses that bother me after an hour of use (nothing's wrong with them, I just feel more comfy with circle lenses!), and after soaking them in this solution I wore the clear lenses for 6 hours before they started to feel annoying. It's basically nearing the end of the month for this pair, that's why they were getting dry quickly and annoy me a lot -_-" (I literally have to throw them out by the end of this week lol). But anyway, the point is this solution really gets in there and clears away the bacteria which is what counts. If you can't afford to buy daily wear lenses like me then this is a definite must have! I got the solution for $18.99 plus tax at Costco, and you get one case plus 2 bottles of solution. Pretty good deal!
For circle lens users, I think this is similar to using that little lens cleaner you see on circle lens websites, but the solution itself kills bacteria way better than regular contacts solution so it's more worth it to use this =) It'll keep your circle lenses feeling "new" and will help prolong the use of each pair.
Hope this post was useful, keep your eyes healthy!

Avengers midnight premiere.

Hello there! No excuses this time, I was just lazy to blog. But after seeing Roy's comment asking me how I liked the Avengers movie (hi Roy!), I suddenly felt like writing this. And perhaps another post after it, but we'll see =P

SO! I was definitely jealous that our friends overseas got to see the movie WAY BEFORE WE DID. Come on...a week before? Not fair =(! And it's not like we get anything particularly special. Anyway, I went to see the midnight premiere on friday and it was POURING! I mean, pouring so badly you can barely hear your own voice while driving in the car. By the way, all the photos in this post and the last Lou Lou event one are from taken on phones (mainly mine, some my friend's). It's just so convenient to get them online straight from mobile rather than from my camera so I haven't touched my camera in a long time...oops =P Maybe that's why I stopped blogging...uploading to photobucket and then pasting the link here is just such a pain -_-"

My friend's picture =) the Colossus theatre at 11pm!
We had no Avengers 3D glasses (WHY?!?!) but we got the midnight premiere poster. Still sucks, but better than nothing lol.
We snuck behind the ticket counter after the film to take pictures with the giant posters. HEHEHE
 Well, that's about it. I would die if I got my hands on the whole set of Avengers 3D unfortunate that Canada didn't get them! Anyway, let's finish off with some more pictures of the lego sets =)
Building the quinjet! Haha, black widow =P
All done! Took about 3.5 hours lol.
Love how you can see his face!
Also recently completed the second set, Loki's cosmic cube escape =)
Who could forget Captain America? Bought this for my friend, picture stolen from facebook =D
We still have one more set to build (the Hulk one) but we're waiting for the Lego deal next week when we can get a free exclusive Hulk mini figure if we spend over $ we're bringing that set back to return and buy back just so we can get the figure LOL. I also want the Wolverine/Deadpool/Magneto looks fun too =( BUT...Lego is so damn expensive! The Avengers sets were totaled to $200! Ugh -_-" Thank god it was all shared, or I'd be dead now XD.

Okay, that's all the Avengers movie stuff for today, do tell me about your experience watching the movie! And I hope you all caught the 2 special endings...especially the second one, lol.

April 26, 2012

Lou Lou event...AND AVENGERS!

Hey, how's it going everyone? I'm dead tired from a long day of shopping. And honestly, I barely bought anything LOL.

Today was the Lou Lou shop 'till you drop event, and I went there to line up for an hour for a huge bag of freebies! Also, some stores were doing some special promos for the event so we got some more freebies there too.

For our freebies =)
First 200 people get a swag bag!
Beautiful models at Guess! Scared me, I thought they were dolls lol
Got 5 different bottles of water for free....SO HEAVY.
Free food at Guess by Marciano =)
NOM NOM NOM free from Guess accessories store =)

And some stuff I walked away with....
The super heavy swag bag that held 5 bottles of water (one being GLASS) and...
...all this great stuff!! I looked through the coupons and we have one FREE haircut/haircolour/pedicure. WICKED!
SO HAPPY! I snagged 2 spiderman x OPI polishes with the event's promo price, and I got the two on the right for free!
This was the best part....FREE PHOTOBOOTH!! We went nuts with these lol.
I know I shouldn't lump in something unrelated to the event, but I GOT MY HANDS ON MORE MARVEL GOODS! Getting the Spiderman nail polish was great, but also finding Avengers lego makes it an AWESOME day:
Yes, I lugged all that around with me for four hours while shopping. Nuts, I know =P But it was worth it! Looking forward to Avengers movie next week.....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

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