April 26, 2012

Lou Lou event...AND AVENGERS!

Hey, how's it going everyone? I'm dead tired from a long day of shopping. And honestly, I barely bought anything LOL.

Today was the Lou Lou shop 'till you drop event, and I went there to line up for an hour for a huge bag of freebies! Also, some stores were doing some special promos for the event so we got some more freebies there too.

For our freebies =)
First 200 people get a swag bag!
Beautiful models at Guess! Scared me, I thought they were dolls lol
Got 5 different bottles of water for free....SO HEAVY.
Free food at Guess by Marciano =)
NOM NOM NOM free from Guess accessories store =)

And some stuff I walked away with....
The super heavy swag bag that held 5 bottles of water (one being GLASS) and...
...all this great stuff!! I looked through the coupons and we have one FREE haircut/haircolour/pedicure. WICKED!
SO HAPPY! I snagged 2 spiderman x OPI polishes with the event's promo price, and I got the two on the right for free!
This was the best part....FREE PHOTOBOOTH!! We went nuts with these lol.
I know I shouldn't lump in something unrelated to the event, but I GOT MY HANDS ON MORE MARVEL GOODS! Getting the Spiderman nail polish was great, but also finding Avengers lego makes it an AWESOME day:
Yes, I lugged all that around with me for four hours while shopping. Nuts, I know =P But it was worth it! Looking forward to Avengers movie next week.....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

Until then,


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