July 30, 2011

Snap of the Day #23

I'm writing this SUPER SHORT post because I just felt like posting it at the moment LOL and also cause I'm kinda tired right now, so I can't think of better things to write ><". Anyways, summer courses officially ended two days ago on the 28th (hooray for San and me)...BUT my stupid course still has an assignment due next week and my insect collection isn't due till the week after that. Whaaaa, does that even make sense? :'(

Okay, so after my complaints, here comes the so-called "snap of the day"...
I loveeee this Toy Story 3 "Peas in a Pod" Plush Toy xD (Photo Credit: To the rightful owner)
Isn't that like the cutest thing ever? Okay...maybe it's not "the" cutest...but it is still crazy adorable right? I want one! :)


July 25, 2011

You will be missed.

Sad news. Isshi (lead vocalist) of the J-rock band that changed my life has passed away. Just found out last night. Still sort of in shock right now...not only will I never hear Kagrra, again...I'm also never going to hear his amazing voice again. This is extremely depressing.

Rest in peace, Isshi.

July 10, 2011

Snap of the Day #22

AH I'm finally back to make a blog post...and I shall stop being lazy like San said I am -__-". Sooooo, both of us are halfway into our summer courses but it seems like class just barely started (cause classes only started three weeks ago, but it is also ending in three weeks) and for my course called General Entomology, I'm collecting insects...doesn't that sound fun?!?! I know I probably sound sarcastic but I think this course is actually pretty interesting and it makes me go outside more nowadays or else how am I suppose to find all the different species of insects that I need for passing this course? Oh and another good thing about this course is that I'm not as afraid of those creepy crawlers anymore! :D

Anyways, since San wanted me to do a post about the OPI nail polish I got, so here it is LOL. The nail polish I got recently is OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama, and this pink is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

LOL..yes this is finally my hand and I think in this picture I have three coats applied.
I find that this pink colour looks really different indoors and outdoors because in the sun it has a really bright look to it that I'm not really crazy about. But in indoors, this pink has a bit of a purplish-gray tone to it, making it more of a pale dusty pink and I totally LOVE that! :)

So do you like this OPI nail polish colour? And what are you favourite nail polish colours for the summer?


P.S. I might post some pictures of my insect collection later on if anyone is interested to see it...hahaha :)

July 9, 2011

X-Men - Cyclops PF exclusive ver.


July 7, 2011

July July July

Ah...it feels like summer just began since it's been super hot for the past couple days. Pearlie and I are home (have been for a couple days already) and we brought back lots of mosquito bites with us as souvenirs! Mine are FINALLY going away...sloooowly going away -_-" still itches a bit, but I always apply a lot of that anti-itch cream to make it better ><" Anyway, Cyclops PF statue is here...think I already mentioned that a long time ago, but I'm too lazy to post it right now. I have so much crap to do this weekend for next week's classes x_x! Sooooo let's just keep this post simple with "some" cottage pictures:

That's right...we slept in a HAMMOCK! It was so breezy and comfy...I miss it already!

Wow, had to show this one because Pearlie is using her new camera.
So I haven't sorted out any other pictures yet, and learning from my mistake last time when I posted the long ass nail polish post, I really don't have half a day this weekend to dedicate to writing a detailed post yet. This one will have to do. Since Pearlie is done her mid term today let's hope she's got SOME time to post something because she took more pictures than I did at the cottage lol. But knowing Pearlie she'll be too busy bumming around this weekend and watching shows...PEARLIE YOU LAZY BUM! XD

Ahhh, school is almost done. Just a few more weeks! Hope you guys are having a better summer than I am.

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