July 30, 2011

Snap of the Day #23

I'm writing this SUPER SHORT post because I just felt like posting it at the moment LOL and also cause I'm kinda tired right now, so I can't think of better things to write ><". Anyways, summer courses officially ended two days ago on the 28th (hooray for San and me)...BUT my stupid course still has an assignment due next week and my insect collection isn't due till the week after that. Whaaaa, does that even make sense? :'(

Okay, so after my complaints, here comes the so-called "snap of the day"...
I loveeee this Toy Story 3 "Peas in a Pod" Plush Toy xD (Photo Credit: To the rightful owner)
Isn't that like the cutest thing ever? Okay...maybe it's not "the" cutest...but it is still crazy adorable right? I want one! :)



Eileen said...

SO CUTE. I loved Toy Story 3, and I totally want these!!!!!

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