July 9, 2011

X-Men - Cyclops PF exclusive ver.


Comes with...
-2 heads (as shown above)
-2 sets of hands
-light up "red" eyes for both heads

Yeah I know his face looks a bit scary without the visor. But exclusive costs the same price as regular version and you get the extra head and stuff...WHY NOT GET EXCLUSIVE THEN?! Judging from the base, I guess the statue to match him is going to be Magneto...DUN DUN DUN.

Still deciding if making another blogspot blog or wordpress blog just for statues is a good idea...depends if Mister D will put time into managing it. We'll seeee...if not, then I'll sloooowly upload other statue pictures here that were on the FC blog (which is gone now). OMIGAWD Sideshow dropped a Psylocke PF out of the blue from the month long Comic-Con thing going on right now...*PREORDERS*. Also, Captain America and Thor are coming too...also PFs =D *PREORDERS AGAIN*. Man, we're so broke. Rogue is still on her way too...T-T ahhhhhhhh!
Some of our stuffs. Iron Man stuffs and Psylocke comiquette aren't here, they won't fit LOL. Funny enough, the front 3 are mine (X-Men all the way, man.) and 3 behind are his...well, sort of. I claimed Carnage as mine (he's hiding behind Cyclops!) but technically HE paid for it not me XD!
Oh and in case I'm confusing anyone...PF aka Premium Format are the statues that have some "additional" material aside from the polystone...like, Wolvie's claws are made of metal, Cyclops' jacket is leather, and Gambit's trench is...er, some kind of fabric ><. Obviously, the three Spiderman statues in the back are not PF...they're fully made of polystone, so they're "comiquettes." This is all my understanding of it...I might be a bit off XD. SOOOOO...this means our upcoming statues all got some cool stuff to it...Psylocke has cloth for her body suit and a real sash! Woohoo! Excited to display her with the comiquette statue I have.

Just a reminder, here's what's coming:
(Following pictures all taken from Sideshowtoy.com)
Rogue PF exclusive version
Captain America PF - exclusive version
Psylocke PF - exclusive version
Thor PF - exclusive version
And that's all the Marvel stuff I have to share today. Once again, I have distracted myself from school work. Wonderful. -_-"



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