April 26, 2012

Lou Lou event...AND AVENGERS!

Hey, how's it going everyone? I'm dead tired from a long day of shopping. And honestly, I barely bought anything LOL.

Today was the Lou Lou shop 'till you drop event, and I went there to line up for an hour for a huge bag of freebies! Also, some stores were doing some special promos for the event so we got some more freebies there too.

For our freebies =)
First 200 people get a swag bag!
Beautiful models at Guess! Scared me, I thought they were dolls lol
Got 5 different bottles of water for free....SO HEAVY.
Free food at Guess by Marciano =)
NOM NOM NOM free from Guess accessories store =)

And some stuff I walked away with....
The super heavy swag bag that held 5 bottles of water (one being GLASS) and...
...all this great stuff!! I looked through the coupons and we have one FREE haircut/haircolour/pedicure. WICKED!
SO HAPPY! I snagged 2 spiderman x OPI polishes with the event's promo price, and I got the two on the right for free!
This was the best part....FREE PHOTOBOOTH!! We went nuts with these lol.
I know I shouldn't lump in something unrelated to the event, but I GOT MY HANDS ON MORE MARVEL GOODS! Getting the Spiderman nail polish was great, but also finding Avengers lego makes it an AWESOME day:
Yes, I lugged all that around with me for four hours while shopping. Nuts, I know =P But it was worth it! Looking forward to Avengers movie next week.....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

Until then,

April 5, 2012

L'Oreal Sale Madness...*2 tickets available*

Hello all,

Sorry for ignoring this blog for so long, I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I'm done school, lol. And I've been chatting with Pearlie, she's been quite busy lately with settling in and teaching so HOPEFULLY she will get to posting some pictures soon of her life in Korea!

Anyway, getting back on topic, I went to the L'Oreal warehouse sale today! Well technically this is the second time I went but I'd say today's purchases were better since last time was more about buying little gifts for friends =P. Let's get on with the goodies...

$3.75 each, I grabbed the last of these before they sold out!
BABYLIPS!! So excited about these. $3.75 each, only this colour and clear left last time I went...completely sold out already when I went today!
Eyeliners, $3.00 each! I got the two white ones last time but I saw the double ended one today and found that it was more peachy which is what I'm looking for. The stark white liner looks a bit too extreme on the waterline sometimes.
Not sure if you can catch the peachy tone of the new one I got compared to the other white one...makes a huge difference when it's on!
My FAVOURITE blush for $3.00!! This was replaced by the bouncy blush, so I was quite surprised to see this.
I think Alx should remember this colour, it was the first blush I ever bought with her!
This was the BIGGEST steal ever. $3.00 for this baby and it costs $10 in store!! I grabbed a bunch but the other ones I gave away already =P
Can't remember the price for this, think it was $4.50? It's really good though I like it so far =)
One thing I like about this is that it's matte, great for contouring my nose =D
THE BEST PURCHASE OF TODAY! Shu Uemura x Aya Takano limited edition holiday palette. Man that is one long name for a product, and that's the shorter version of it LOL. Price was $56.60
So cute~!!!!! I can't find it online anymore, and I think the original price was $120 according to some blog reviews.
My friend and I both got the same palette because 1) the pink case looked way better and 2) the eyeshadow shades for this was more suited to our taste. The other pink palette had more summer colours like baby blue and what not but I doubt I'll ever use blue shadow. Ah, I love this =D
And that is all I got from the sale. Now as my title suggests, I DO have 2 extra tickets. Each ticket is good for 2 visits, and each visit allows 2 admissions. Down side to it is that this event ends this coming SATURDAY! It's open tomorrow 12-8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm, and it's close to Steeles Ave. W & Petrolia Rd. If you or anyone you know are interested, please let me know, I can arrange to drop these off somehow...lol.

Okay that's all, toodles!

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