August 31, 2010

Snap of the Day #7

Ahhhh I can't believe its August 31st already, which means summer holiday is soon over and we'll be back suffering at school ('s a torture T-T). Hmmm...I wonder how many more posts I'll be making before school starts b/c I'm sure once I'm in school again I'll go crazy stressing about it and will not have time to be here in a while -__-".

Anyways enough about the sad stuff, today I want to post a few pics of this cute Korean dessert that I've just recently tried. It's kinda like an ice cream sandwich I guess but its in the shape of a fish (the cute part :P) and then there's vanilla ice cream and also a layer of red bean filling inside.

Here's the packaging (and what I said above are all written on it already ><")
LOL! Isn't it cute?!
OMG, I killed it...! (I had to or else how could I have shown the actual inside of it....ahahah)
Btw I took these pictures with a fun camera app on my phone thus they have this nice lomo effect that I like! :)

--- pearlie

August 29, 2010

Nerd timeeeee

Friday was Daisuke's birthday and we went downtown to Fan Expo =). A lot of awesome stuff  getting Stan Lee's autograph FOR FREE....and it was after the signing session was over too! The staff was so nice, they made an exception and let D in because it was his birthday~ Anyway, I'm tired so I leave you with a few pictures of that day...

Stan Lee leaving after signing for us XD
Best Spidey costume you'll ever see. Soooooo awesome.
Autographed poster!!! D wouldn't let it out of his sight.

That's all for today, ciao.

August 26, 2010

Flattened Hair.

So. Is it worth it to wake up an hour earlier to straighten my hair so it looks like this? Is it????


Looking back on summer

Doesn't this photo just make you think of summer?? Her laugh, her pose, her clothes, and of course the setting. My favourite picture of you from this summer, my dear.

I know, once Pearlie sees this she's going to complain about me posting pictures of her and blah blah. But come on, she looks cute doesn't she =D?

a whole lot of random STUFF!

Hmmmm....I haven't written a longer post in a long long long time so here's one but it will actually mostly be consisted of pictures ahaha....b/c I'm bad at writing T-T.

So I've been taking quite a few pictures with my phone lately and many of them are really of some very random stuff that may just so happen to be lying around on my table or in my sister's room (LOL!) and I don't really have much to do with them after they were taken, soooo here they are:

Ahahah...I haven't gotten one of these in a while and I just HAD to get one that day because of what was gonna be inside them!
YES..its Hello Kitty (not something that I'm really into regularly) but pay close attention and you'll see that this isn't any ordinary Hello Kitty stuff, it's for her 35th anniversary which is something that I've wanted since "someone" sang the theme song for her anniversary. Can anyone guess who? LOL

Does anyone know what these colourful things are? (I shall reveal the answer in a later post xD)

The sentence in the speech bubble made me I took a picture of it! Very random eh? : )
An egg with a rose that can sit still on a table? Uh's not really an egg but it looks like one and you can do something with it, any guesses? (I'll reveal what it is later ahahha)
I was I took this picture comparing the size of an Eiffel tower keychain to a sample size NARS nail polish. do you think the keychain is huge or that the sample bottle is just really small? ><"

Anyways that's all for now because I'm running out of pictures to put up -__-"...but I'm sure I'll have new ones pretty soon ahaha :D


August 24, 2010

Matte about you

Today, Pearlie and I spent the day together...doing stuff. Can't really say what, and posting any of the pictures would totally give it away ><". I guess I'll have to wait until I can actually post those pictures...-_-" Meanwhile, I finally tried the Essie matte finisher nail polish and it's awesomeeeeee. Basically, you put a layer of this over any kind of nail polish and it will mattify it instantly. Soooo, you can wear your favourite shade of shiny purple as if it was a matte nail polish all along...<3!!

In the box...
I love how the texture feels different too. It's so...not smooth. Lol XD. ANDDD....I got it for a steal~~ There was a sidewalk sale at the mall last month (yes, I left this thing on my table untouched for that long -_-") and they had discounts on their Essie nail polish, so I picked this up for around $8 rather than the usual $10-11. However, it turns out this product wasn't included in the sale, but the sales girl who sold it to me had no idea at the time. WAHAHAHA.

Here it is on my pinky only. Can you see the difference??  I know it looks pretty messy, I was too lazy to apply a fresh coat of nail polish first XD
I can't stop stroking the nail on my pinky and then the rest of them, just to feel the difference. Yes I'm weird ^^. Ah yes, one more thing...we're FINALLY working on the "More About Us" section" and hopefully it'll be done should be interesting. ;)


August 21, 2010

Never wear it twice...?

Wow, what a crummy title for a XD. Anyway, I found pictures where I wore the exact same outfit on two different days. It amazes me how each one gives off such a different impression of me just because I changed my hairstyle and shoes.

Messy me. (Also blurry me, because someone was about to catch me camwhoring)

Nerdy me.
Ahaha, you see my running shoes and skipping rope in the second picture. That was when I still cared about staying healthy XD.Omg Fan Expo coming soooooon....STAN LEE! I so want a picture with him. Should I wear my War Machine shirt? I wanted to go as Osaki Nana though...but then again, this is FAN EXPO, so everyone who isn't there for the anime stuff will think I'm some punk rock


August 19, 2010

Snap of the Day #6

LOL I'm back to make another short post..ahahaa and this time it's about food again :P. Hmmm...I don't know why but most of the pictures that I take (especially the better looking ones) are usually of food...uhhh maybe it's because they look pretty already thus it is super easy for me to take yuumy photos of them ahaha xD

Anyways, just yesterday I went to try to rather new place with my sister and it's called Wanda's Belgian Waffles Cafe. They had a huge banner of their menu with only a few items on it and they all looked quite delicious LOL, but in the end we decided to try their Wanda's Original Waffle with Ice Cream!

Does it look yummy or what? And they also had like 10 different flavors of ice cream that we could have chosen from and we picked strawberry banana cause we've never tried that flavor before ahahaha.
Overall I think the ice cream was pretty good but too bad they put too much chocolate syrup over it making it way too sweet ><" and the waffle was yummy and its quite different from other waffles that I have tried before soooo I think it's definitely worth a try!


P.S. I forgot to mention that we went to their newer location which is at the upstairs food court of Pacific Mall, but I think they also have other locations downtown!

August 14, 2010

De name is Gambit, cherie.

He's here...and he's HOT. Oh, and he's huge...20 inches tall I believe? Or close to it, I can't remember. In other words, he makes the Wolverine statue look tiny.



August 13, 2010


I feel so lazy and unmotivated to blog...but I should post a picture of this stuff before I forget:

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - Light Glow

This is an interesting product. I got it because it promised me perfect "airbrushed" legs. I ended up with perfect legs, but with a sparkle.

Well first of all, it did even out my skin and made my legs look amazing. I have some razor burns and some weird bumps/dots on my legs from years of shaving (which I HATE), and this really covered that up. It didn't rub off on my clothes either which was nice. Also, it looked very natural when indoors. My legs are actually very pale, so the shade I bought was actually a little bit dark on me. Unfortunately that was the lightest shade available at any Canadian stores near me so I went with it. Surprisingly, it worked for me because it made my legs look slightly tan and golden. I guess if you want a slight tan, then get a shade darker or something.

When you're in the sun it will become glittery. OH legs looked like Edward Cullen...-_-". It's just so embarassing when someone stands beside me and realizes my legs sparkle. And it's not just a little bit, it's A LOT. So yes, people will definitely notice something is on your legs when you're outside.

My verdict?
I'm sort of split on this one. Indoors, it looks great. It was just what I needed when I wore dresses for fancy dinners and what not. But the fact that I sparkle in the sun bothers the hell out of me. I think I'm not going to buy this again in a while, but who knows. Maybe I'll try a lighter shade if they become available...5.5/10 for now.

BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream
I leave you with a picture of what I bought recently at Pacific Mall. I've been itching to try bb creams for a while now, it seemed sooo cooool. I haven't used it so yet, so I can't say much about it. But I did test it in the store and it smelled SO GOOD. Hopefully it does what it says...

By the way, be careful when shopping in Pacific Mall >.>. Be sure to bring a Chinese friend with you who speaks FLUENT Chinese, so you don't get charged tax. I'm still sort of mad that I paid quite a bit more than what it's worth on the site. Ugh, never again.


August 11, 2010

Snap of the Day #5

Hmmm...San is complaining that I'm not updating on the blog again, so here I am now!!! LOL...Anyways, there isn't much that happened since I last posted thus this entry shall be a short one again ahahaha ><"

Sooooo....I recently got a new OPI nail polish and the colour is a super BRIGHT pink that's called "Charged Up Cherry" and I've tried the colour on a few of my fingers but I don't have any nice pictures of that, hence I'll just be uploading a photo of the bottle instead -__-"

I know this is a badly taken photo with bad lighting and everything so the colour that you see isn't really how "bright" I previously said it is but you get the idea right? HEHEHE xD


P.S. I know what the picture in the post "Snap of the Day #4" is ahahaha...and I'm pretty sure quite a few people know what it is too! :)

August 8, 2010

Blurb of the Day #1

Finally, something besides pictures in my posts. The concept of erosion popped into my head while brushing my teeth, and then a poem formed. It sounds somewhat bitter, but I assure you I wasn't refering to anyone in particular (so if D is reading this, hopefully he won't freak out thinking I'm mad at him for some unknown reason). They're just...words?

| | |  Erosion  | | |

They say time will heal a broken heart.
I, on the other hand, say that time erodes the broken heart.
Just as water slowly breaks down those stubborn rocks by the sea,
The ever flowing memories of you chip away at my already fragile heart.
The consistency of the tides’ rise and fall reflects the internal tug of war
where I struggle to not think of you.

This time you have given me to cool down,
This space you have given me to restore my independence,
you do not know how painful it was to receive such gifts you have given me.
This precious time, this valuable space.
I did not ask for them. You forced them on me.
You dropped them in my lap like an old toy you never wanted to play with again.
Just like me. Just like how you dropped me.

You did not stay long enough to make sure I land safely on the ground.
You let me fall,
down, down, down.
You whispered, “I prayed for there to be someone there to catch you.”
How typical of you.
You care not about the safety of my heart,
but rather for the safety of yours.
If I smash into the ground,
You will be overcome with guilt.
Not pain or sadness. Simply guilt.

That is how you truly feel about me, isn't it?
It is quite tragic how well I know you.

Hope you guys liked it, I didn't bother tweaking it after I wrote that. I'm too lazy ><" It's not my most polished piece, but it pretty much sums up what I was thinking of when erosion came to mind.
Will write more random blurbs next time.


Snap of the Day #4

We came up with "Snap of the Day" posts mainly to force Pearlie to post more since she constantly complains about having nothing to blog about when I push her to post more. Now, it made me lazy too -_-". This past week sucked so badly...I hope next week picks up, or else I'll go insane.

Anyway, can anyone guess what this is? I think only a few of you will know...maybe only Pearlie will figure it out though lol.


August 6, 2010

Snap of the Day #3

AHAHA..San made a "snap of the day" entry today already, but I wanted to do one too, so here goes LOL...

So the other day I went out for lunch and I had this yummy soup that I just had to take a picture of it (before I ate it) cause it looks delicious (for me at least :P) andddd here it is:
Puff pastry soup with garlic bread!!! :D
LOL...yes I get satisfied easily with simple stuff just like this...hehehe ;)

Snap of the Day #2

Here's what I've been doing for the past couple of days: making dumplings. Hundreds of them.

Sounds a bit boring, I know. Please excuse my lack of interest in blogging lately, I've been feeling pretty depressed =/ Anyway, hopefully things will pick up and I'll recover from this state soon. -_-" By the way, I couldn't help but mention that CRYSTAL IS BACK IN CANADA. I missed you, love!!!
Oh and another thing...the broken dumplings were NOT made by me, mine are mainly along the right edge of the platter. Just sayin'. ;-)

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