August 21, 2010

Never wear it twice...?

Wow, what a crummy title for a XD. Anyway, I found pictures where I wore the exact same outfit on two different days. It amazes me how each one gives off such a different impression of me just because I changed my hairstyle and shoes.

Messy me. (Also blurry me, because someone was about to catch me camwhoring)

Nerdy me.
Ahaha, you see my running shoes and skipping rope in the second picture. That was when I still cared about staying healthy XD.Omg Fan Expo coming soooooon....STAN LEE! I so want a picture with him. Should I wear my War Machine shirt? I wanted to go as Osaki Nana though...but then again, this is FAN EXPO, so everyone who isn't there for the anime stuff will think I'm some punk rock



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