August 8, 2010

Blurb of the Day #1

Finally, something besides pictures in my posts. The concept of erosion popped into my head while brushing my teeth, and then a poem formed. It sounds somewhat bitter, but I assure you I wasn't refering to anyone in particular (so if D is reading this, hopefully he won't freak out thinking I'm mad at him for some unknown reason). They're just...words?

| | |  Erosion  | | |

They say time will heal a broken heart.
I, on the other hand, say that time erodes the broken heart.
Just as water slowly breaks down those stubborn rocks by the sea,
The ever flowing memories of you chip away at my already fragile heart.
The consistency of the tides’ rise and fall reflects the internal tug of war
where I struggle to not think of you.

This time you have given me to cool down,
This space you have given me to restore my independence,
you do not know how painful it was to receive such gifts you have given me.
This precious time, this valuable space.
I did not ask for them. You forced them on me.
You dropped them in my lap like an old toy you never wanted to play with again.
Just like me. Just like how you dropped me.

You did not stay long enough to make sure I land safely on the ground.
You let me fall,
down, down, down.
You whispered, “I prayed for there to be someone there to catch you.”
How typical of you.
You care not about the safety of my heart,
but rather for the safety of yours.
If I smash into the ground,
You will be overcome with guilt.
Not pain or sadness. Simply guilt.

That is how you truly feel about me, isn't it?
It is quite tragic how well I know you.

Hope you guys liked it, I didn't bother tweaking it after I wrote that. I'm too lazy ><" It's not my most polished piece, but it pretty much sums up what I was thinking of when erosion came to mind.
Will write more random blurbs next time.



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