April 29, 2010

Our first date...again.

We're back! Once again, it's San writing the joint post. Sheesh...PEARLIE. And guess what? We went shopping today! Our plan to go to a pretty park and take pictures of ourselves in fancy clothes failed, and so we decided to go shopping in some normal clothes instead. What do we mean by that? Basically, you won't be seeing us in 4 inch heels and any head turning outfits. Honestly, who in the world dresses up to go shopping at a crap mall that's 15 minutes away? Not us. Anyway, on to the good stuff.

I'm still in shock right now knowing that we actually bought stuff. TOGETHER. PEARLIE AND SAN. BOUGHT STUFF. Though, I must say, they're all small items:
We bought a bunch of headbands to share, and Pearlie bought a necklace while I bought some floral stockings from H&M. Don't you love how the bright pink from my bag makes the stockings look sooooo NOT pretty? Note to self: wear stockings asap and take pictures to show how gorgeous the floral pattern is.

Hmm, might as well share our outfits of the day since our purchases were so small and uninteresting hahaha.

As you can see, we both carried shoulder bags with too much stuff inside, so we couldn't stand straight by the end of the day.

And here's a picture of our shoes. Nothing much to say except to point out how long our legs look (Pearlie's camera trick!!)

And here are some pictures of Pearlie's cute outfit~ Cute, eh? Gotta love the Winnie-the-pooh t-shirt =)

Now it's San's turn. Not much to say here, except that she resembles a walking stick and that she looks slightly pregnant in the picture with the drink. Pregnant walking stick? Hahahah.

Oooh, look! Pearlie did her nails just for today. And they're pink too! San feels so special because Pearlie is usually super lazy when it comes to dates with San. Teehee.

Finally, a picture of our faces! We took a gazillion (more like five) pictures before we decided on a good one to use for the profile picture. The old one we put up was SUPER old (er, less than a year old).

After staring at it for a while however, it seems like we haven't changed the past year. Our heads are still stuck together like always <3

That's all for today =)

P.S. I (meaning Pearlie here...LOL) will be less lazy today and actually add in my own comments okay?! ;) So, today's shopping trip was hmmm...quite BORING because the mall was rather uninteresting itself and also because they are doing renovations inside so it looked really crappy just like San mentioned. But other than that, overall the day was enjoyable since we haven't gone shopping together for like more than two months I think (doesn't seem THAT long right??). Anyways enough about our outfits and our "date" today LOL, but our next post would probably be a "back to school" post because guess what we start summer school on Monday T-T. Can you imagine how horrible summer school will be?? Well you'll have to save that thought until next time!! :)

--Love from San and Pearlie

April 27, 2010

I want warm weather now!!! :)

I think just from the contradicting titles of this post and the post below can allow one to see that its not San who's writing this but Pearlie. hehehe :)

Anyways, today was freezing and I'm really sick and tired of the cold weather and the huge, thick pieces of clothing that one must put on to stay warm (actually maybe "sick and tired" is a bit of an exaggerated expression...LOL). Instead, I want warm weather not necessarily hot though because I don't like being sticky from sweating too much too. Hmm.. sounds like I'm a being a bit picky but seriously I think I am just maybe a tiny bit more picky than a normal person would be?! Well, I am sure San would know how picky or not I am. :P

So, talking about warm weather makes me think of a few spring outfits that I found the other day while looking at these pictures from a japanese magazine. These outfits are all really pretty I THINK, and I should totally try them out one day if I have all the required parts to put them together.

The first picture here is based around DENIM and any kind of clothing made with denim would be suitable for this spring since I see this type of material in almost every outfit in the magazine!

In the next picture, the main concept would have to be the BLAZERS!! And the blazers that are displayed could work for both a "young cutie look" or a more "mature feminine look". Or I should say that's how I PERSONALLY interpret it cause I don't know how to read japanese. T-T

Lastly, I found a picture of an outfit that I would really loveeee to try out one day. I would describe it as "a rather girly outfit but with running shoes!!" AHAHAHA :)

(PICTURE CREDIT: non-no - Volume 8 from 2010)

So what do you think about these outfits? Like them or no? But one thing I know for sure after staring at these pictures for such a long time while writing my first entry is that I have to end off by saying: "AHHHHHH...I want warm weather now!!!" :)

Write more next time?

--- pearlie

April 26, 2010

Missing the cold weather already.

It's Saaaaan~

Wow, I'm embarrassed to admit that I took at least 2-3 minutes of clicking random buttons before I found where the "make new post" button was. SHEESH...I'm so lame T-T. Anyway, it felt weird staring at such an empty blog, so I decided to make a post before the first official fashion post that Pearlie and I were planning on putting up a few days later.

I looked at this picture I took of myself last friday and I realized how much I'm going to miss the cold weather.

I admit, I'm not keen on the idea of walking around in subzero weather, or getting my foot stuck in muddy snow. But WHEN else can I wear these Docs and not get sweaty feet after a 30 minute bus ride???? When I wore this outfit last Friday, I had a bus full of people staring at me, EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T THAT WARM YET (really, I checked the weather that morning and it was only 8 degrees). I caught this boy who sat across from me snickering at me. Well, excuse me for wanting to wear this jacket one last time before putting it away for the next couple months. I only wore it once since I bought it last Christmas. T-T

That's all for today from San~

April 25, 2010

insert clever title here

Hello, this is San.
Pearlie is falling asleep beside me as I'm typing this constantly repeating "there's nothing to saaaay" as if she's chanting something while she rocks back and forth. Guess it's up to me to write our first introductory blog post. While I try to ignore Pearlie's negative comments, let me tell you a bit about us and what to expect from our blog.

Pearlie and I have known each other for 13 years and have been the closest of friends for the past 9 years...we were enemies for the other 4 (HAHA KIDDING). We went to the same elementary school, high school and are going to the same university. We still live within 5 minutes away from each other, and I think the longest period of time we haven't seen each other is no more than 10 days.

Ok, enough boring stuff about us. What can you expect from this blog? Pretty much the most random of random thoughts. Between the two of us, we'll blog about fashion, food, music, dramas, and short story posts. Of course, that is only a small portion of what we mean by random.

Pearlie is complaining about how long I've made this post, so I'll stop here. Look forward to our future posts!

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