April 26, 2010

Missing the cold weather already.

It's Saaaaan~

Wow, I'm embarrassed to admit that I took at least 2-3 minutes of clicking random buttons before I found where the "make new post" button was. SHEESH...I'm so lame T-T. Anyway, it felt weird staring at such an empty blog, so I decided to make a post before the first official fashion post that Pearlie and I were planning on putting up a few days later.

I looked at this picture I took of myself last friday and I realized how much I'm going to miss the cold weather.

I admit, I'm not keen on the idea of walking around in subzero weather, or getting my foot stuck in muddy snow. But WHEN else can I wear these Docs and not get sweaty feet after a 30 minute bus ride???? When I wore this outfit last Friday, I had a bus full of people staring at me, EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T THAT WARM YET (really, I checked the weather that morning and it was only 8 degrees). I caught this boy who sat across from me snickering at me. Well, excuse me for wanting to wear this jacket one last time before putting it away for the next couple months. I only wore it once since I bought it last Christmas. T-T

That's all for today from San~


OLI said...

dee...i love bubz's video....AHAHA~~
well...i never try this look bor~~ i had tried the "2 or 3 or 4 mins face" tutorial from bubz.... i think is great for me...LOL~~
but u look so nice in this pic~~ i love it~~
i dont always put on eyeliner....cuz i am too lazy......i bought some false lashes.......but never use it before....i think u or crystal should teach me how to put it on....it is so hard....LOL

i like to apply pink or peach colour blush on my face...i think is so cute and great for summer....LOL

Alexandra said...

wat a coincidence!!(sp?) anywayss... i watched michelle phan's double eyeliner tutorial today =O and when i saw this pic i knew wat u were talking about =]
again.. love the look =]

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