March 10, 2012

Psylocke and Rogue two favourite gals.

Wow finally posting something on statues again...LOL! Haven't taken proper photos of Rogue so I just didn't bother posting anything until now. The Psylocke shots were all taken by D today and I love them...she looks VERY nice.

And some of my favourites...

And I guess I should throw in some of the Rogue ones I do have on hand. Also taken by D

There you have it, my two favourite X-gals. If they make my third favourite, I'll die happy. Seriously o.O

March 5, 2012

Photo Diary - entry four.

AH MAN it's been a while. Too much stuff happened lately and I'm glad I've gotten some motivation to blog again. At least now I can say the ONLY thing keeping me from blogging is that I have school work. Ask me why I don't blog a week ago and I'd give you a really emo reply.

Anyway, on to some pictures =)

Home made! From a sweet friend on V-day =)
NOMNOMNOM I want more already.
I love my evil cat.
Why does 2 shirts and 6 makeup items cost over $50? Canada today sucks T-T!
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush! SO CUTE =)
Can't wait to try this...Maybelline 24hr cream shadow (eye tattoo?) in Tough as Taupe.
Hard Candy bronzer/highlighter friend's purchase. Tried to swatch it and it looked quite nice on her! Considering it
Sorry it was mostly make up, I really only documented what I did today when I went shopping. The rest of my days are spent at home doing work so there was nothing to take pictures of LOL. My books are here but I lent them to someone! Will have a long overdue library challenge post sometime soon, I promise.

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