April 27, 2010

I want warm weather now!!! :)

I think just from the contradicting titles of this post and the post below can allow one to see that its not San who's writing this but Pearlie. hehehe :)

Anyways, today was freezing and I'm really sick and tired of the cold weather and the huge, thick pieces of clothing that one must put on to stay warm (actually maybe "sick and tired" is a bit of an exaggerated expression...LOL). Instead, I want warm weather not necessarily hot though because I don't like being sticky from sweating too much too. Hmm.. sounds like I'm a being a bit picky but seriously I think I am just maybe a tiny bit more picky than a normal person would be?! Well, I am sure San would know how picky or not I am. :P

So, talking about warm weather makes me think of a few spring outfits that I found the other day while looking at these pictures from a japanese magazine. These outfits are all really pretty I THINK, and I should totally try them out one day if I have all the required parts to put them together.

The first picture here is based around DENIM and any kind of clothing made with denim would be suitable for this spring since I see this type of material in almost every outfit in the magazine!

In the next picture, the main concept would have to be the BLAZERS!! And the blazers that are displayed could work for both a "young cutie look" or a more "mature feminine look". Or I should say that's how I PERSONALLY interpret it cause I don't know how to read japanese. T-T

Lastly, I found a picture of an outfit that I would really loveeee to try out one day. I would describe it as "a rather girly outfit but with running shoes!!" AHAHAHA :)

(PICTURE CREDIT: non-no - Volume 8 from 2010)

So what do you think about these outfits? Like them or no? But one thing I know for sure after staring at these pictures for such a long time while writing my first entry is that I have to end off by saying: "AHHHHHH...I want warm weather now!!!" :)

Write more next time?

--- pearlie


Alexandra said...

awwww pearllll.. u're soo cute.. and i love the outfits.. i think u already dress kinda like the 3rd pic just that she has skirts on and u usually have shorts.... sooo im sure u'll look nice that way =]

and i love love loveee the blazers!! i recently bought one from jean machine at an incredible price s2... and the first one about the jeans.. its kidna true cuz the place i work at have lots of jean-material things but mmmmmm not really my style lol soo "nah" for mee =]

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