August 26, 2010

a whole lot of random STUFF!

Hmmmm....I haven't written a longer post in a long long long time so here's one but it will actually mostly be consisted of pictures ahaha....b/c I'm bad at writing T-T.

So I've been taking quite a few pictures with my phone lately and many of them are really of some very random stuff that may just so happen to be lying around on my table or in my sister's room (LOL!) and I don't really have much to do with them after they were taken, soooo here they are:

Ahahah...I haven't gotten one of these in a while and I just HAD to get one that day because of what was gonna be inside them!
YES..its Hello Kitty (not something that I'm really into regularly) but pay close attention and you'll see that this isn't any ordinary Hello Kitty stuff, it's for her 35th anniversary which is something that I've wanted since "someone" sang the theme song for her anniversary. Can anyone guess who? LOL

Does anyone know what these colourful things are? (I shall reveal the answer in a later post xD)

The sentence in the speech bubble made me I took a picture of it! Very random eh? : )
An egg with a rose that can sit still on a table? Uh's not really an egg but it looks like one and you can do something with it, any guesses? (I'll reveal what it is later ahahha)
I was I took this picture comparing the size of an Eiffel tower keychain to a sample size NARS nail polish. do you think the keychain is huge or that the sample bottle is just really small? ><"

Anyways that's all for now because I'm running out of pictures to put up -__-"...but I'm sure I'll have new ones pretty soon ahaha :D



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