August 31, 2010

Snap of the Day #7

Ahhhh I can't believe its August 31st already, which means summer holiday is soon over and we'll be back suffering at school ('s a torture T-T). Hmmm...I wonder how many more posts I'll be making before school starts b/c I'm sure once I'm in school again I'll go crazy stressing about it and will not have time to be here in a while -__-".

Anyways enough about the sad stuff, today I want to post a few pics of this cute Korean dessert that I've just recently tried. It's kinda like an ice cream sandwich I guess but its in the shape of a fish (the cute part :P) and then there's vanilla ice cream and also a layer of red bean filling inside.

Here's the packaging (and what I said above are all written on it already ><")
LOL! Isn't it cute?!
OMG, I killed it...! (I had to or else how could I have shown the actual inside of it....ahahah)
Btw I took these pictures with a fun camera app on my phone thus they have this nice lomo effect that I like! :)

--- pearlie


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