August 24, 2010

Matte about you

Today, Pearlie and I spent the day together...doing stuff. Can't really say what, and posting any of the pictures would totally give it away ><". I guess I'll have to wait until I can actually post those pictures...-_-" Meanwhile, I finally tried the Essie matte finisher nail polish and it's awesomeeeeee. Basically, you put a layer of this over any kind of nail polish and it will mattify it instantly. Soooo, you can wear your favourite shade of shiny purple as if it was a matte nail polish all along...<3!!

In the box...
I love how the texture feels different too. It's so...not smooth. Lol XD. ANDDD....I got it for a steal~~ There was a sidewalk sale at the mall last month (yes, I left this thing on my table untouched for that long -_-") and they had discounts on their Essie nail polish, so I picked this up for around $8 rather than the usual $10-11. However, it turns out this product wasn't included in the sale, but the sales girl who sold it to me had no idea at the time. WAHAHAHA.

Here it is on my pinky only. Can you see the difference??  I know it looks pretty messy, I was too lazy to apply a fresh coat of nail polish first XD
I can't stop stroking the nail on my pinky and then the rest of them, just to feel the difference. Yes I'm weird ^^. Ah yes, one more thing...we're FINALLY working on the "More About Us" section" and hopefully it'll be done should be interesting. ;)



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