August 11, 2010

Snap of the Day #5

Hmmm...San is complaining that I'm not updating on the blog again, so here I am now!!! LOL...Anyways, there isn't much that happened since I last posted thus this entry shall be a short one again ahahaha ><"

Sooooo....I recently got a new OPI nail polish and the colour is a super BRIGHT pink that's called "Charged Up Cherry" and I've tried the colour on a few of my fingers but I don't have any nice pictures of that, hence I'll just be uploading a photo of the bottle instead -__-"

I know this is a badly taken photo with bad lighting and everything so the colour that you see isn't really how "bright" I previously said it is but you get the idea right? HEHEHE xD


P.S. I know what the picture in the post "Snap of the Day #4" is ahahaha...and I'm pretty sure quite a few people know what it is too! :)


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