May 9, 2012

Avengers midnight premiere.

Hello there! No excuses this time, I was just lazy to blog. But after seeing Roy's comment asking me how I liked the Avengers movie (hi Roy!), I suddenly felt like writing this. And perhaps another post after it, but we'll see =P

SO! I was definitely jealous that our friends overseas got to see the movie WAY BEFORE WE DID. Come on...a week before? Not fair =(! And it's not like we get anything particularly special. Anyway, I went to see the midnight premiere on friday and it was POURING! I mean, pouring so badly you can barely hear your own voice while driving in the car. By the way, all the photos in this post and the last Lou Lou event one are from taken on phones (mainly mine, some my friend's). It's just so convenient to get them online straight from mobile rather than from my camera so I haven't touched my camera in a long time...oops =P Maybe that's why I stopped blogging...uploading to photobucket and then pasting the link here is just such a pain -_-"

My friend's picture =) the Colossus theatre at 11pm!
We had no Avengers 3D glasses (WHY?!?!) but we got the midnight premiere poster. Still sucks, but better than nothing lol.
We snuck behind the ticket counter after the film to take pictures with the giant posters. HEHEHE
 Well, that's about it. I would die if I got my hands on the whole set of Avengers 3D unfortunate that Canada didn't get them! Anyway, let's finish off with some more pictures of the lego sets =)
Building the quinjet! Haha, black widow =P
All done! Took about 3.5 hours lol.
Love how you can see his face!
Also recently completed the second set, Loki's cosmic cube escape =)
Who could forget Captain America? Bought this for my friend, picture stolen from facebook =D
We still have one more set to build (the Hulk one) but we're waiting for the Lego deal next week when we can get a free exclusive Hulk mini figure if we spend over $ we're bringing that set back to return and buy back just so we can get the figure LOL. I also want the Wolverine/Deadpool/Magneto looks fun too =( BUT...Lego is so damn expensive! The Avengers sets were totaled to $200! Ugh -_-" Thank god it was all shared, or I'd be dead now XD.

Okay, that's all the Avengers movie stuff for today, do tell me about your experience watching the movie! And I hope you all caught the 2 special endings...especially the second one, lol.


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