May 9, 2012

Attention all circle lens or soft lens users!

Okay so while I'm still here with blogger open, I might as well write another post. This is pretty exciting because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product my friend recommended me. I'm a regular circle lens user, and on occasion I wear my regular clear lens, but it just annoys the crap out of me when they start to dry out. This tends to happen 1) after several hours 2) after several uses, and using eye drops to lubricate my eyes is just temporary relief.

So this is what my friend suggested to me:
Taken from
This is SO GOOD. I also love that little I really don't know how to explain how it works so here's what it is straight from their website:
Clear Care® uses hydrogen peroxide that penetrates the lens and kills germs and bacteria for strong disinfection and deep cleaning.
Hydrogen peroxide is part of the Clear Care® Triple-Action cleaning process. After the hydrogen peroxide provides deep cleaning, a built-in surfactant loosens dirt, debris and deposits. Finally, bubbling action enhances surface protein removal.
Here's how it looks when soaking/disinfecting:
SO COOL! I like watching it for some reason LOL. Picture taken from because none of mine captured the bubbling so well -_-"
Anyway, my friend uses this with her circle lenses and she said they feel brand new every time she puts them on. I've just bought this, and I tried it on my clear lenses that bother me after an hour of use (nothing's wrong with them, I just feel more comfy with circle lenses!), and after soaking them in this solution I wore the clear lenses for 6 hours before they started to feel annoying. It's basically nearing the end of the month for this pair, that's why they were getting dry quickly and annoy me a lot -_-" (I literally have to throw them out by the end of this week lol). But anyway, the point is this solution really gets in there and clears away the bacteria which is what counts. If you can't afford to buy daily wear lenses like me then this is a definite must have! I got the solution for $18.99 plus tax at Costco, and you get one case plus 2 bottles of solution. Pretty good deal!
For circle lens users, I think this is similar to using that little lens cleaner you see on circle lens websites, but the solution itself kills bacteria way better than regular contacts solution so it's more worth it to use this =) It'll keep your circle lenses feeling "new" and will help prolong the use of each pair.
Hope this post was useful, keep your eyes healthy!


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