July 1, 2010

Loving the nice weather...!!

I'm backkk!! Yes I actually managed to fix my desktop computer though it was an annoying process cause I'm stupid when it comes to computer problems LOL. Anyways, just like San mentioned in her last post i finally changed my phone from an old Sony Ericsson to an android phone, the HTC "HERO"!!! =)

So what's interesting about the HERO phone? Hmmm...right now i really like the 5.0 mega pixels camera plus the cool and fun camera apps that are "free" in the android market. And with those apps i took some pictures that i thought looked cool, so here's a few (btw these photos aren't in 5.0 MP however):

Uhhh...can anyone guess what this is?..loll

I really like this one...this is the view from my bedroom's window :)

Pretty flowers or flower i mean..but this photo is rotated vertical for no reason when it is suppose to be horizontal...><"
Colourful meeee..!!! xD

Well enough about my my phone for now, today me and San went to the school park near our houses cause the weather is just so nice out. And what were we doing at the park? Hmmm...fooling around? Chatting? Taking random photos? Reminiscing the days when we used to go to school there..ahaha that just made us both sound OLD! -__-" But seriously though, we were trying to find this tree that San said we carved our initials on its bark and we even hid notes near the tree's roots before...but in the end we couldn't see the initials and we didn't attempt to dig out the notes. Maybe next time?!..hahaha

Our colourful toes and sandals..ahahaha :)

San picking poison berries!! LOL
Our messed up shadows because we don't look so FAT in person or so i hope we don't..HAHA!

Lastly, HAPPY CANADA DAY!! (cause that's a maple tree..loll)

Write more next time and hopefully my next post shall be sooon! LOL :D

--- pearlie


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