June 29, 2010

I see rainboooows.

I don't get it, WHY can't I post comments on my own/other people's blogs?! Stupid laptop. Wait no, I can't do it on my desktop either. Stupid whatever the problem is. T-T Thank you, person who said I was cute in one of my earlier posts. If you'll ever come across my blog again, you'll see this...maybe -_-"?!

Anyway, on with the fun stuff. I was fooling around with this Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette I got a couple months ago (I got it a month before the movie...and then it sold out later on! Wooo, so lucky), and um, yeah. I was fooling around. There's not much more to say than that...LOL. Oooh, in case anyone was wondering, I used pink, orangey-gold, blue, purple, green. The green looks a bit dark because I wore/mixed it with a smog-like colour earlier in the day. I don't know the "Alice" names of the colours, it's all on the box which I'm too lazy to grab lol. For some reason, I'm reminded of Alice Nine's song, RAINBOWS...(uhh, I wonder WHY???)

By the way, I must apologize on behalf of Pearlie. She is currently dealing with a possessed desktop that refuses to cooperate...hope it'll all be fixed soon, so she can post again~

In case any of you have been missing Pearlie, here's us messing around at my house last week (where we watched The Mysteries of Love - 談情說案 together! lol. She is finally reunited with her HERO (only a handful of you will get that joke) =D!! Something worth celebrating of course! Hers is the black one, mine is white. And Pearlie is the one with the Minnie hand, I'm the dead corpse on the bed~

By the way, this was all before I painted my room~! I will post before and after pictures I took the day of, and the mystery colour shall be revealed then. I think I've exhausted myself with lazing around at home, I must go out asap x____x! Hopefully I can find somewhere to go tomorrowwwww. I'll post more if I end up at home again XD. Ciaoooooo~~~



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