June 18, 2010

Lip shticksssssh.

Ok I know I haven't posted in forever, I'M SORRY. But I've decided to make a comeback (LOL get it, Pearlie? COMEBACK??) with triple posts...triple the hilarity! WHEEEW HEEEW!

So this first post is dedicated to the new obsession with lipsticks. Notice how I said THE, not MY? I personally know nothing about it but I decided to have some fun with whatever I could find in my washroom closet...

Just so you know what my lips are like, this first one is nuuuuuude lips

Er, I can't really remember what this second one is, I think it's some sheer MAC lipstick that smells SO GOOD that I almost ate it.

I think the third one is some sort of pinkish orange sephora one?

...and there's Akiko trying to eat the next one.

This is the one the cat ate (nooo, she didn't eat it).

Pale sick-looking lips. I bought it for cosplay reasons, not because I like to look dead ^^"

Oh wow, my prom lipstick! It's been what, three years?! LOL don't worry, I washed it off VERY THOROUGHLY after taking these pictures...XD

Hmm, looking back at my pathetic collection I'd say only the last two was actually purchased and the rest were free...LOL. Guess you can tell I'm not a fan of lipstick~ In fact, I'm too lazy for lipbalm half the time -_-"

LALALA until next time~


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