June 25, 2010

A special day.

Weee, ok time to make a real post rather than a crappy mobile one. Here's to our 2 months of starting this little blog of ours...

Here's to all those wonderful memories we shared together =)

Omigawd, look at us when we were kids...LOL

AHAHAHA. We look more like kids 2 years later.

We turned into bad girls together. We skipped class to take these (JUST KIDDING).

We slept together. No, she didn't take advantage of me. LOL

We tried very hard to look cool together.

We ate candy together.

We grew together---er, sort of. =D

We survived through harsh Canadian winters together.

I enjoy squeezing Pearlie to death.

We graduated together~

We made LOTS of funny faces together.

After all the love I give her, she returns the affection ONCE in a while. See how unwilling she is?!

ALRIGHT I confess. I tried to eat her.

...I tried to eat other parts of her too.

We grew a moustache together.

We got pretty together =)

I proposed...

She said yes! We're marrieeeeeed!We've known each other for 13 years now...let's hope the next 13 will be just as fun. Of course, we'll document all that on here =). Happy two months to our blog and I LOVE YOU, PEARLIEEEEEEE =D.
(Now, you better make a super duper cool post to follow up this one. The pressure is ooooooon...)



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