June 11, 2010


YAY, finally done summer school which means more free time = a change of layout for the blog! So, I just quickly made a plain banner today and kinda altered the whole layout a bit cause the old stuff is just so UGLY!!! LOL. However, the new banner reminds me of Hello Kitty (does anyone agree with me?) but I didn't do it on purpose I swear. =P

Anyways, now that my summer course is over I have plans to find a job that is related to teaching, but its so hard!! I don't even know where to start looking for one because the sites that I've went to look at are all weird, or I'm just too dumb to navigate through them and search for what I need. T-T So I guess until I find one, I shall just RELAX!!! xD

Hmmm...I've can't think of what else to write about, so just to make this post not as boring, here's a bunch of random food photos from my phone (and ignore the bad quality part of them)!!! LMAO

TaeYang from Big Bang on 2%!!! :)

Yummy banana milk from the brand that Lee Min Ho (the male lead from Personal Taste) filmed a commerical for...loll :D

Green tea ice cream pancake!

Strawberry fantasy ice cream from Cold Stone @ Tim Hortons.

Starbuck's mocha frappuccino that I didn't like too much. -_-"

AND last but not least...

Strawberry ice cream waffle that was SUPER delicious! :D

Okay, time for tv...so I'll write more next time!

--- pearlie


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