June 19, 2010

Stripping down down downnnn

I'M BACK~ Weeeeee. Soooo, this next one is even more fun than the last one...make up! I'm sure my friend Travis is loving these, lipstick and make up are two of his favs (WEEHEHEHEHEHE). But of course, I do it with a twist. There're so many posts out there about how to put on make up, so let's go backwards and reveal our scary make up-less faces!! YAY~

Lalala. This is so gross when used on its own, but adding some liquid to it really did help. Umm I forgot who's/what video I got that tip from, sorryyyy (I was sleepy when I watched it >
Maked upped.

Washing it off~ Ahaha, my eyes look big here, I'm surprised.

VOILA, eet eez fini. That's the naked-face me relaxing on my bed. Oh right, I forgot to mention I wear uber huge glasses. *Nerd*

Look, she has no make up too. WAHAHAHA XD

So, do I look very scary without make up? My mom seems to think so LOL. Err, anyway I guess I'm not really trying to bash people who use make up (clearly I use it too) , just that we should all be willing to reveal our natural faces once in a while instead of hide behind masks while "blogging"...I mean, it's a blog about your life so show all aspects of it, not just the pretty side!


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