July 11, 2010

Bored out of my mind.

Ugh. Disgustingly boring summer. HATE IT. Let me post all the random pictures I was too lazy to post over the past couple of weeks...

My purple room, painted a while back.

Who is the fairest one of all? I wouldn't be surprised if it's Pearlie. Have you seen her legs? They reflect light to a point where you need to wear sunglasses when looking at them. (Yeah I know that's not the "fair" the shirt refers to LOL)

HER bag: Matt&Nat wallet, Banana Republic prescription glasses, shades, HTC phone, cute keychains w/ keys (lol), flowery pouch with something in it (I'm guessing contact solution/case), green pouch with a lot of face/beauty stuff inside (A LOT!!), tissue.

MY bag: Domo-kun coin pouch, white cherries pouch for female essentials (YOU think of a better term for it), Westwood wallet, LipIce + random lipgloss, shades, keys that aren't cute like Pearlie's, HTC phone, other pouch for essentials (tissue, mirror, eyedrops, medicine)

And there you have it. A veeeeeery boring post about nothing. =) Hope you enjoyed reading it!! Lol XD



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